• grey oversized cardigan: Zara
  • grey tartan dress: Topshop
  • grey embellished beret hat: vintage
  • black opaque tights: Asos
  • black tassel wingtip brogues: vintage
  • faux leather backpack: Stradivarius
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich

My fave month has arrived! Yaaayyy. Technically, I'm eleven days late to say this but whatever. I'm happy that my wedding anniversary, my birthday, and my husband's birthday are all bundled up in one lovely month. And speaking of February, despite of THAT movie Fifty Shades of Grey will be out soon in few days (on Valentine's day, I guess...) and my outfit is more like less-than-five shades of grey, it's just coincidence, y'all. I do love my embellished beret and I'm thinking about DIY project with my beret hats (if I have the time, sadly). Think other embellishments, guys. Any ideas? :)


Happy lovey dovey month, dearests! xx

hair weave.

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a smart way to buy prom dresses.

Girls, the best moment in high school is no other than high school prom. So, you always want to make memories on prom, right? Do you have a hard-time to search for the right dress? No worries now! I have the best webstore for wedding 2015 of discount prom dresses for you and they have plenty selection of beautiful prom dresses 2015 and since they're quite affordable (and currently offering big discount!), it won't make your wallet cries ;)

Oh how about this one? I mean, look at those beaded details! The beading arrangement is unique and unusual (in a good way!) and the pinky blush color is so delicate and would look good on any skin tone. Super lovely! Plus point it's in A-line shape that would be flattering on anyone! 

 Or you wanna go buddy-buddy with your friends by go matchy-matchy? Dark navy and red would look awesome together (as a pair!). The shape of the dress is quite simple yet flattering which would pretty much suit any body type. And the beautiful bow on the waist is really cute, right?

This one is absolutely my fave! You don't have to go all way floor-sweeping for prom. You can go short and sweet like this one! It has the best details like stunning gold lace with tulle and bow and it comes in vintage-inspired high neckline. It's even the cheapest one among the three dresses I show you here. Gosh. I can't resist. Too pretty to pass.

 How do you like those discount prom dresses in one-stop-shopping site? Click click through the links now and enjoy the excitement seeing those beautiful prom dresses 2015 for your upcoming prom this year! xx



  • grey lightweight parka: Cotton On
  • cerulean abstract dress: New Look
  • authentic lo-pro sneakers in jacaranda/true white: Vans
  • faux leather backpack: Stradivarius
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Zurich

Wandering the tea plantation in my trusty parka, backpack, and Vans shoes. This is what I always wear for comfort issue. Same loose dress + outerwear + big bag to put my junks in + comfy shoes. Please excuse my ugly ombre on the last picture. I know... I'm the laziest person when it comes to 'hair treatment' xD


Happy weekend, y'all! xx


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