red eyes and tears.

  • burgundy waffle sweater: bought in Bugis, Singapore
  • grey polkadot jeans: Forever 21
  • felt boater hat: Asos
  • Grunge oxford shoes in Burgundy: Opening Ceremony c/o Shopbop
  • faux leather backpack: Stradivarius
  • Revlon Matte Lipstick in In The Red


Wow. It's been 3 months since my last outfit post. Well, I'm basically busy with the 'real life' and I quite disappeared from any social media accounts that I have. It's quite good since I never felt bored by internet before and it's great to have time to do other me-time things like watching movies, reading books, catching up with friends and such things. I'm happy to add this sweater in my knit collection as sometimes I spend my holiday in chilly-weather place at my in-law's. This pair of jeans is also my fave, wearing this much more often than my other plain jeans (I only have a few jeans, btw...) and it's funny now I almost always wear jeans when I go out, despite the fact that I didn't really like jeans for so many years. Haha.


  So, any plan for this long-weekend holiday? xx


aisley style bridesmaid dresses.

Let’s get down to business, ladies! We definitely know a thing or two about perfecting the bridesmaid dress and looking for the right dresses has been a difficult task for bride duties. We want to make sure all the ladies look their best, feel comfortable and confident. There are thousands bridesmaid dresses to choose from – and in order to pick the best dresses, the first thing to consider is choosing your bridesmaids dresses based on your dress choice. Versatility is a girl’s best friend so it's also best to have versatile dress that your bridesmaids can wear after the event, right? So, have fun choosing, ladies!

 [click image for direct link]

 As the bride, you want your ladies to compliment you and the style of your wedding dress, sharing similar silhouettes or textures are a good way to complete a total look. A floor-length skirt will balance bare shoulders, creating interesting contrast. And if your wedding dress is Greek-goddess like, this nude beige number is absolutely beautiful and the lace accent on the shoulder and chest is adorable. You can even get this dress for less than a hundred and fifty bucks!

 [click image for direct link]

 Red is good for a dramatic flair and it's the undisputed champion of romantic colors. But if you don't want to get too striking with red, try less bold version like this tea-length dress in purplish-magenta. This dress looks modest and elegant at the same time. The cutting on this dress is just perfect and charming with asymmetric drapery detail!

[click image for direct link]

 One of the most popular bridesmaid dresses is a flirty, knee-length hemline. This short and sassy style is fun, but still appropriate for an evening wedding. Love the look for summertime, because it adds a fabulous, care-free vibe! Isn't the coral color is so pretty? We love the flower accent on the waist even more. Simple yet gorgeous!

 [click image for direct link]

Who says you can't wear white? This pure white dress offers a simple a-line silhouette with strapless lace-bodice with a very simple yet adorable option: the ribbon sash in contrast color. Barely there but really adds a little 'oomph'. Imagine winter white wedding, yet?

Browse the trending collection of Aisle Style bridesmaid dresses to find a plethora of fresh styles that will complement your wedding style. The line has gowns for girls of every shape, size, and price (and I could say pretty much affordable!). There were plenty of wow-worthy dresses to gush over so... happy shopping! xx

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choosing evening dresses based on your body type.

If you are going out in the evening, it is because you most probably have a date or you have a very important evening event to attend. That said, you definitely wish to look your best and this trickles down to having the right evening dress on. Finding the ultimate evening dress is never easy but there is a wide range of styles and colors which gives you a variety of options. The major thing to look out for when looking for the perfect dress is your body type. Dresses seem to look gorgeous on the racks and in the magazines but sometimes not as we would have liked on ourselves. There are a number of different body types, we’ve listed three of the most common types below. You may fall into one or somewhere in between. Follow the guide and you’ll find an evening dress that not only suits you but looks fabulous!
If your body is straight down and straight up, go for dresses that are well fitted and clingy and show off your figure. A strapless dress will work amazingly well with this body type since it creates a waistline and outlines the hips. You can also add a necklace that makes a statement and big earrings to add details on top. You can also opt for more complicated design like ruffles with tiered details like this sultry red evening dress below.
[click image for direct link]

Pear frame means either the hips, butt or thighs carry more of your weight. A pear shaped body is not too hard to dress and you will therefore have plenty of options to play around with till you find one that feels just right for you. Dresses with an A-line skirt which flares at the bottom or have an empire waistline could be a great look for you as well as dresses that taper at the waistline. Don’t go for a dress with large detailing at the bottom because it will accentuate the heavy bottom. Another red evening dress that caught my attention is this beautiful floor-length flare dress below. Love the detailing on the top to balance the whole look!

[click image for direct link]

If you are apple shaped, you have more weight around the tummy and hence you need to choose a dress that holds this area a little more. A simple, classy dress without over-done detail will work great with this shape. To hide the tummy, you can go for a dress with a little detail or ruched around the bust area and one that shows off your beautiful legs. This kind of a dress will take the attention off the area you are most conscious about. Dresses with low necklines will be your best friend. Empire waistline like the beige one below is also a great idea, still showing off legs and create a beautiful figure.
[click image for direct link]
 When choosing your dress, it is also important to look past that one event. It can be a waste to choose a dress that you can only wear once. A good dress will give you a chance to wear it over and over again and still be comfortable, so choose the style and colors with care to make this possible. Make sure to browse the latest 2015 evening dresses through http://www.weddingshe.com/list/Evening-Dresses-2015-112631/ now and I will let you drown in excitement to choose from a huge variety of gorgeous dresses ;)


rosanovias evening dresses.

Are you looking for fancy dresses for your special occasion? Then Rosa Novias is the answer! They offer such pretty and fashionable dresses in excellent quality and the price is quite affordable so it won't make our wallet cries! You can even customize the dresses like change the colors or adjust the size. Isn't it amazing?
My cousin is looking for a gorgeous dress for her prom and I quickly recommend her to check out these cute prom dresses on Rosa Novias!

[click image for direct link]
I think this simple yet striking strapless dress is very charming and will turn heads on prom!

 [click image for direct link]
For vintage-inspired look, you can opt for this blue lace-sleeves dress. The color is very refreshing!

If you need evening dresses for your formal event, they have some elegant selections, too!

[click image for direct link]
Love the cutting and the ruffles on this one! Very feminine!

[click image for direct link]
This elegant halter-neck dress looks exquisite with the beadings on the chest!

The photos below are real testimonials photos from many of their satisfied customers. The girl in the picture is wearing one of Rosa Novias 'Communion Dresses Collection' which is very pretty, right?

Make sure to browse through http://www.rosanovias.com/ now and I will let you drown in excitement to see those beautiful dresses ;)


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