hell on high heels.

  tiny houndstooth blazer: thrift store off-white min...

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • tiny houndstooth blazer: thrift store
  • off-white mini dress: Ciel
  • vintage bowler hat: Saks Fifth Avenue
  • holey fringe shawl: mom's closet
  • black tights: random store
  • black patent oxford booties: Forever 21
  • houndstooth speedy bag: ITC Mangga Dua

More old pics. It was my first time to wear heels to work. God... It hurt a lot for first timers like me. But, they’re platform heels, so they didn’t hurt me that much later. But I still have to get used of them. I work 7 hours a day and when I wore these for the first time, I feel sorry for my feet although I’m happy that I've passed this beauty-needs-pain-phase. Hahahahaha =P
Anyway, I often wear black and white. I love natural colors and monochrome. Love this tiny houndstooth (yeah.. tiny.. can’t even see the pattern) blazer a lot. My best-buy thrifted stuff. It's only 5000 rupiahs (about 50 cents). And I bought the white tunic for cheap price too. Mix them with black tights, the fringe shawl I found in my mom’s closet (Gosh.. I love this), and a vintage Saks Fifth Avenue bowler hat which I got from Ebay and tadaaaaa... This is what I called my 'style' =D

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  1. aww i think i saw this look on lookbook.nu and may i link ur blog, dear? :)

  2. yeah, of course =]
    thanks a lot, talisha =D

  3. whoaaa gila murah amat, 5000 rupiah!! great findings!!!!!love awul2 :P


  4. hehe yeah! thanks, rani. i love awul2 too ;D


P.S. I Love You.