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cute patterned knit sweater: Highlight ( local clothing store) ...

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  • cute patterned knit sweater: Highlight (local clothing store)
  • bow hi-wi skirt with buttons: local boutique
  • white tights: random store
  • furry brownish hat: vintage
  • brown suede ankle boots: thrift store
  • large satchel bag: Oink! (local clothing store)

Well, okay. I’m in love with this knit sweater. Deadly cute patterns!! =D I found this in my work place a month before I took this picture. The warehouse-man said it’s only available in S size and it’s too tight for me. I decided not to buy it. But… About a week before I took this picture, I was looking for something in the warehouse and I found this in L size! Lucky me! It’s a bit too big but I loveeee it =DD I also found this vintage furry hat for really cheap price. Firstly, I was about to cut the ribbons because I thought it looks stupid but then I decided not to do it. It looks perfect! Don’t you think so? =] 
As the skirt, it’s actually an overall with removable straps. The buttons on the back-side was lost and I couldn’t find the same buttons in stores so I removed the straps and wear it as a lovely bow skirt =]]

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