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brown tiny polkadot dress : thrift store ...

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  • brown tiny polkadot dress: thrift store
  • houndstooth collar jacket: thrift store
  • brown leather belt: vintage
  • dark brown tights: random store
  • flat slouchy tan boots: Naturalizer
  • big tote bag: Oink! (local clothing store)

Again. My work outfit. Long time ago. I decided to post my fave outfits since ages ago. Just to fill this blog with something. Because I ain't good at mumbling. Hahaha =P
Everything’s brownish here. I think I love earth tone a lot. And it suits my skin well.
I found this dress in my deepest closet. I’ve never worn this for ages. A tiny polkadot (yes, it’s polkadot) dress. It came up with a brown vintage belt and dark brown tights. I just threw on the jacket for.. uh.. no idea. Hahaha. Should i put it on or throw it away?
Okay.. I think I'd carry it on =D

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  1. Saya suka blog awak! Good luck to you and keep on with the good work.



P.S. I Love You.