bitter pill.

oversized tiny houndstooth blazer: thrift store ...

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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  • oversized tiny houndstooth blazer: thrift store
  • cerulean loose dress: Body & Soul
  • wet look leggings: Topshop
  • heart-cage necklace: Blackmimi
  • a tie worn as asymmetric bow necklace: somewhere in closet
  • black strap sling-back heels: Chrysalis
  • black suede drawstring bag: vintage

I was late to go work and I just threw on some random clothes from my closet and it came up like this. A bit messed up =P
And I’m still in love with the bow necklace.

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6 twist and shout

  1. i knowww marla...
    don't you think we need more label like bikbok in here?
    guess what, i was just thinking that you're better than one of qb finalists from your hometown, trueee...

  2. Love the strappy shoes! and the blazer is TD4! You look great and you've got a super cute blog, just stumbled upon it on Cocorosa's blog list. Would love for you to check mine

  3. I love your blog just as much as your lookbook.
    Great blazer btw :)

  4. lidwina : yeah that's definitely riteeee! you should check Gina Tricot on too. it's similar to Bik Bok and H&M.
    hahahahaha. idk who she is. i don't pay much attention to QB lately =P
    but i take that as a compliment and thank you =DD

    Gisela : wow thanksss! and i'll come to visit yours now =D

    Shila : sweet of you to say. thank you so much =]

  5. Hi Marla! Thanks for the great comment! After seeing your this blazer you posted I decided I needed another one but in white..go to my blog and tell me what you think? PS: Can't wait til your next post :-)

  6. Gisela: i've seen it and it's a super gorgeous blazer! i love white in you. aaahhh it made me thinking about get one, too =D


P.S. I Love You.