city boy blues.

electric blue tote bag: Invictus ( local clothing store ) ...

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  • electric blue tote bag: Invictus (local clothing store)
  • lacey details blazer: mom's closet
  • grey knit buttoned-down: local boutique
  • abstract blueish skirt: Forever 21
  • navy blue tights: random store
  • black suede bow-tie: somewhere in closet
  • grey fringe ankle boots: custom-made

Again. Work outfit. I work from 3 pm to 10 pm and I decided to wear this blazer with knit blouse. I had to be tricky because it's pretty hot outside at noon and windy at nite and my work place air-conditioner is cold enough. At least, I didn’t get sweaty or get cold. The blazer is a bit bigger than my size because it’s my mom’s but i love it especially the lacey details on the chest. =]
Anyway, I got this knit-blouse with very cheap price at some local boutique. Aaaah… Good. I need more grey and grey tops in my closet.
And I just suddenly found this bow-tie in my closet and tadaaa… I don’t need any necklaces or scarves which I usually wear =D

ps. Lacey and fringe? Oh yeah... ;]]

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5 twist and shout

  1. i love your outfit... it suited you well... :)

  2. love this one :) adorable :) xoxo

  3. selly : wow thank you for the comment =D

    cocorosa : thanks, dear. let me run to your blog, too =DD

  4. love your outfit . you're so cool . nice to see your blog :))

  5. awww thanks, issye. that's so sweet =]


P.S. I Love You.