she goes down.

light blue floral halter dress: Body & Soul ...

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  • light blue floral halter dress: Body & Soul
  • dark brown tank top: random store
  • beige pocket cardigan: Zara
  • vintage slouchy tan boots: Naturalizer

This is what I wore to work today.
My goddamn flu is getting worse than yesterday. So, I wore my cardigan because I felt really cold. And I braided my few hair and clipped it the side across. Just a new favor for today. Haha.
But, errrgghhh... I refuse to be sick! I have these two tickets of Efek Rumah Kaca's show for tonight that had been sold out two days after my work place sold them about two weeks before the show. This band is really really awesome. It's an indie pop band with Indonesian lyrics. You can check through their myspace HERE. I can't go out tonight so I decided to sell the tickets to my friends. Arrrrgghhhh... I wanna see the show ='[
All I can do tonight is facing my bloody monitor or drowning myself in bath-up...

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8 twist and shout

  1. feel better soon :D
    so u can see the band and all :)

  2. this look reflects a feminine side of you, sweet. your braid's cute, i always wanted to try that kind of braid.
    i hope you get well soon dear

  3. I love this look!!! your outfits always look gorgeous on you. oh! do you mind exchanging links? ;)

  4. evelyn: thank you <3
    i'm getting better right now =D

    lidwina: aww thank you, dear <3
    i just came up with the idea because i was bored with my hair. hahaha. thank you. i'm better now =D

    Janice: oh sure, no prob. thanks anyway =D

  5. Feel better! I know how being sick sucks, I think I'm coming down with something myself.

    The outfit is really cute, though my favorite party definitely has to be the hair. You look like a secret princess!

    Shameless plug:

  6. yeah. and i'm currently feeling not very well these days too. uh.
    oh thank you so much =D

  7. Would you be willing to exchange links?

    Hope you've gotten over whatever you had!

  8. sorry for the late reply. i've been sick again these days =/
    yeah. why not? =]


P.S. I Love You.