I know I'm a bit late about this but I just watched this movie few weeks ago and this is currently my fave movie and very recommended ...

I know I'm a bit late about this but I just watched this movie few weeks ago and this is currently my fave movie and very recommended to watch!!


Played by a glorious Sally Hawkins, this movie shares story about a 30-year-old eternally optimistic and cheerful primary school teacher named Poppy, short for Pauline. Her life is not as bright as it looks although she keeps insisting that she's perfectly happy (smiles on her face and waves at strangers on the street and laughs incessantly) despite the fact that she's still single even though she's already reached the ripe old age of 30, super temperamental and humorless racist instructor named Scott in her driving lesson (screams En-ra-ha everytime Poppy takes the wheel. Yikes!), and her attempts to help a troubled little boy's bullying case in her classroom. But Poppy keeps moving forward and dancing (clubbing and flamenco lesson? checked!) and jumping (trampoline course? checked!) and laughing (a gurgling, burbling stream of gasps, giggles and words? checked!).

This is not 'just a movie'. It's different than other comedy movies. Just a bit typical British movies, imho. This movie is highly enjoyable (make you laugh till your jaws stiff, like what I felt. Ha), but it also carries terrible sadness.
Of course, the Oscar nod (nomination for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen) goes to Mike Leigh! Salute to him for sharing a life package of independent woman with tenderly expresses in a surrealistic interlude through this movie.

Through these pictures above, her colorful retro-hippie clothes are really inspiring. And she always wear THOSE tan cowboy boots, mostly paired with lace tights. Very catchy! Blue stripes cardigan with pink top is cool. Leopard cardigan and pink abstract top? Lovely. How about denim on denim? Fab. The jeans jacket is totally cute. Makes me want to wear more and more colors, don't you think? =D

Fave quotes
"We didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye."
- Poppy (when the bike is stolen)
"Oh! What-chu-ma-call-it ding dang dilly dilly da da hoo hoo"
- Poppy
"Blimey O'Reilly!"
- Poppy (I often blurt it out when I'm talking. Ha!)
"What am I supposed to call you?
Oh how 'bout, Poppy?
Yeah. No, whatever turns you on Scott, I don't mind."
- Scott and Poppy
"You can't make everyone happy.
There's no harm in trying that Zoe, is there?"
- Zoe and Poppy

But oh, one thing gets me annoyed. I googled for its soundtrack and I found zero. Oh pleaseeee.. no soundtrack list for this? I only caught one song by Pulp (an English new wave/brit pop band) called 'Common People' on the clubbing scene. It's a great song and Pulp is one of my fave bands :)

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  1. muka pemeran utama cewe na ucul banged. =D
    penasaran jd na ma nih pilm.

  2. Velo: iyaaa Sally Hawkins ini lucu banget emang. apalagi klo pas giggling. hehehe. nonton aja. worth to watch kok =D

  3. haha.. lucu gitu! :) thanks for visiting btw, :) udah liat NINE the trailer? hwhwhw.. bagusss jugaa.. hwhwhw.. fergie, penelope cruz, banyakkk.. haha.. nicole kidman.. woww.. top stars!

  4. michellehendra: thanks to you, too =] blom liat trailernya. i'll find it soon. i'm very interested of this movie because of daniel day lewis anyway. hehehe =D

  5. abster: you should see it, immediately =D

  6. Sounds very endearing. My favorite recent film was "Brothers Bloom."

  7. i just recently watched the movie too! i think she's fantastic and so cute in the movie

  8. I fully am going to watch this movie now, and btw, I love your blog!

  9. thank you. hey, you are the girl on Lookbook.nu right ? i love your style !

  10. The Clothes Horse: Brothers Bloom is interesting but i haven't watched it yet. i'll go find it soon =D

    nora: totally! i can't stop smiling while i'm watching this =D

    macyaverage: no disappointment. guaranteed ;D

    Talita: yes, i am. thank you =D

    Jinx: errr which pix?

  11. Saw it in theatres, it's such a good movie! And I love all her crazy clothes!

  12. Lisa: yeah, it is! i love her clothes too. playful and inspiring =D

  13. That movie looks so funny! x

  14. DEV.: yes yes. it will totally make you laugh =DD

  15. I watched the Oscars and saw this nominated, it looked adorable, though you never know with those crazy critics. So thanks for the great reccomendation!!

    And now I shall shamelessly plug myself:


  16. The Purple Boot: yeah many ppl says it was boring or Poppy is too annoying or whatsoever. i still love this movie. hehehe =D


P.S. I Love You.