one-day trip.

left to right: Hanna, Sekar, meeeeh , and Agni Aahhh.. finally! Last Saturday was awesome!! Errr yeah I know I'm too...

left to right: Hanna, Sekar, meeeeh, and Agni

Aahhh.. finally! Last Saturday was awesome!! Errr yeah I know I'm too lazy to post it here anyway. Just got a chance now =P
Well theeeen, after a crazy week, I could get away of this city to our neighbor city (well, I can't go to far =/), Semarang. We just went.. swimming? Yeah. Hahahaha. We were swimming at Water Blaster. Not too big and very cheap. About $5/person. And paying $1 more for flying fox! Nice offer, eh? I still can imagine my friends' faces when they tried this. Too silly! Hahahaha.
Too bad, bad, bad I left my cam at home (ohh how come, stupid?!) and my friend's digicam couldn't take too many pictures. Ohh great. Whatever. The most important thing was we had so much fun! I know it was just one-day trip but I was freakin happy about it. And I miss my bitches already =/
Oh yeah, see the first four pictures? Beautiful view, eh? Water Blaster is located inside a real estate called Graha Candi Golf (yeah, with golf hill). So, we were stopping at one of the hill and took pictures with awesome landscape. Haha. Oh and the last two pics are from camera phone so they look pretty crappy =P

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  • white hippie blouse: H&M
  • pink-white tank top: Next
  • lace details jeans shorts: thrift store
  • ombre pink-ish scarf worn as headscarf: mom's closet
  • TV jeans necklace: Blackmimi (local clothing store)
  • white lace-up gladiator sandals: Parachute
  • royal blue tote bag: Every for Invictus (local clothing store)

And this is what I wore. I rarely use headscarf like this. Looked yay? Or did I look like crazy hippie, perhaps? Or crazy fatty hippie? Because I looked like I gained weight. A lot. Haha. Aaaaaah... I need more vacation like thiiiiiiiisssssss =/

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12 twist and shout

  1. what a cute headband !! really creative, hehheh ..
    btw, i never know that semarang have such a nice waterpark XP
    nice blog ^^

  2. Cindy Gabriella: thank you, dear! yeah it's pretty new actually. and much cheaper than water boom =DD

  3. visit BANDUNG marlaaaaa! ;) i'll be ur tourist guide then.. hahaha

  4. You guys look all so darling, love the outfits!

  5. Great pics , you look so great with your friend !

  6. FashionConsciou$: merci beaucop <3

    The Clothes Horse: aww thank you, dear =DD

    festivania: ohhh i wish! i'll let you know if i hit there =D

    FASHIONconfectionairy: aww you're too sweet! thanks, Libby <3

    The Stylish Wanderer: oh wow! very nice of you to say! thank you <33

  7. lucille: thank you, dear! =DD

  8. You look so sweet! It looks like you all had a lot of fun

  9. Lisa: awww thanksss. yeah, absolutely we did ;D


P.S. I Love You.