tonight (we need a lover).

black leather biker jacket: vintage Wilson's ...

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  • black leather biker jacket: vintage Wilson's
  • black loose ts: Body & Soul
  • abstract blueish skirt: Forever 21
  • vintage bowler hat: Saks Fifth Avenue
  • semi sheer black tights: Sox Gallery
  • navy blue candy socks: Sox Gallery
  • a tie worn as bow-belt: somewhere in closet
  • black strap sling-back heels: Chrysalis
  • black vintage slingbag: Yves Saint Laurent

This is what I wore on Saturday night and I just have time to post it now.
Atm, the ‘magic’ tie became a bow-belt. Yeah. And I wore navy blue socks with sheer tights (both are from Sox Gallery) and strappy heels which I love =D
But, today is different. I didn’t take pictures at work like usual. And I never did a night photo shoot before but I got a better camera so the results don’t look as crap as if I use my cam. Hehe.
Anyway, the flu is going better now. I think I’ll get some ice cream tomorrow. I can’t resist.. Hahaha..

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8 twist and shout

  1. omg! it's like you always have every cool pieces. that bowler hat really cool marla :D. i wish i have a credit card :(
    wait a minute, i haven't seen any crap on your results before. i don't care about crap pics anyway, your looks could cover it all :)
    i think i should go to sox gallery soon.

  2. ohhhh thank you so much, nina <33
    well, i don't have any credit card either. i use my dad's. hohoho xP
    well i mean if i use my cam to take pictures at night. total crappy, i must say =P
    yeah yeah, i love that store. go find awesome socks =DD

  3. love it! very rocker chic:)

  4. wow i really love your your style. i always fond of rockstar style, and no surprise, you really do work it. love your blog!

  5. kirstyb: thank youuuu =]

    Vanessa: aaaah thanks! i love rocker style so much <33

    febrina: ohhh thank you so much! sweet of you to say =D

  6. I love that bowler hat and that fabulous printed skirt!!

  7. Jessica: thank you so much! and thanks again for visiting and following my blog <33


P.S. I Love You.