chanel cruise 2010 show.

Am I a bad blogger? I know... I was sick and busy and no time for blogging and yada yada yada. I don't want to inform you the boring de...

Am I a bad blogger? I know... I was sick and busy and no time for blogging and yada yada yada. I don't want to inform you the boring details and make you yawning all the time.
Well, I've changed my layout. I guess I like to keep it simple.
So, here it goes...

Chanel Resort 2010 Collection

So where does Chanel globe-trotter go to this season's resort boardwalk? In timeless and purely beautiful ensembles Venice-Italy of course. Sailor-esque stripes, light transparencies with super fabulous Chanel logos, ombre, delicate laces, shimmery sequins, glass embroidery, and rich chiffon imitate a scandalous love affair with each look as it plays out in an unbelievably chic story.
The star pieces here were pure Chanel, un-themed save for their classic elegance: a white classic silk blouse and a chic black silk skirt, a cream sequin-edged matching jacket and dress, and the unmistakable frothy silk dress.

Less than a week after the runway show took place, images of the 2010 Chanel Resort campaign have surfaced. Karen Elson and Baptiste Giabiconi, shot in a series of romantic photographs by none other than the Kaiser himself in a dark vintage-looking hotel room in Venice. Magnificent job, Mr. Lagerfeld!

Though Karen didn’t strut on the boardwalk runway, she looks as if she went straight from the show to the photo shoot, with her lovely short red, 50’s-esque curls and all of that lace lingerie.
Anyway, I'm currently doing lots of DIY project rite now. Coming up with those stuffs soon =]

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  1. i always love chanel. back and white is everlasting glamour

  2. me too! Chanel is timeless. Karl is the master ;D

  3. karen is perfect for chanel. love it!

  4. I love your new layout and banner! no definitely are not a bad blogger.! ;)

  5. love the new banner. can't wait to see your post adorning your cool (i bet they'll be) DIY stuffs.

  6. heart your new layout and of course Chanel collection .as always :D

  7. i love chanel collection.. and i'm persuading my mom to buy chanel instead of LV.. LOL. i found it more classic and bold!


  8. Janice Nerissa: thank youuu! well, i guess i am. i'm too lazy to post anything anyway. hahaha.

    talisha: thanks, dear. i'm still working on em =D

    lolichocopop: bunch of thanks, dear. Chanel never disappoint us, eh?

    michellehendra: yeah, absolutely! Chanel is better than LV. Chanel is timeless piece =D

  9. WOW. this is pure beauty. the first pic is my fav!
    anyway your new layout is so fresh and good :)

  10. totally! Tanya Dziahileva has the fierce elfish face.
    thanks, shila. i think i like to keep it the simplest =D

  11. hayy , marla !
    i've got depressed to know the invite code from lookbook .
    may i know it from u ?
    if u dont mind...
    hhee ~ ^^

  12. hey dear! how's your health?? udah baikannn?? thx god. ;) so can't wait for the 19th..whooohooo...!


  13. ailovesdoraemon: just drop me your email then =]

    lauretha: aaaahhh. i'm sick again. i'm bored of being sick, for God's sake. i hope i'll be REALLY well by 19th. can't wait to meet you there =D

  14. love the song u put on your blog ;)

  15. oh thanks! i've put two songs actually. Gary Glitter's and Bowie's =D

  16. agree with shila, i love your new layout too :)
    i hope i could learn how to make great photographs just like karl :)

  17. thank you, nina =D
    oh why.. me too.. karl is the master <3


P.S. I Love You.