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simple black dress: Bloop (local clothing store) lace short-sleeved cardigan...

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  • simple black dress: Bloop (local clothing store)
  • lace short-sleeved cardigan: thrift store
  • DIY studded jeans jacket: vintage
  • printed cycle shorts: American Apparel
  • Chanel-esque sequined headband: DIY
  • simple black lace-ups: bought in Bandung
  • shiny slouchy bag: Flashy (local clothing store)

Yo Yo Yiggady Yo. I'm back. I'm really sorry for the lack of posting. The last holiday (if it was count as a holiday) was really fascinating and I was seriously enjoying my life without anything internet-related (although I checked it out sometimes).
About the outfit... Dude, I love this dress so much! It's simple, loose-fit, and very comfortable. And it was on sale. Aha. That's why I love it so much. It also goes with almost anything. I paired it with these 'peeping' AA shorts from Chictopia rewards. Then, what I love about the jacket are the wicked color and the 80's shape. Although it has this fugly print on the back so I didn't have any choice but stud it myself to cover the print. It took almost 3 days to finish it. Fhew. I made this headband for a contribution to Gogirl! magazine web. It's quite easy to make so you could try if you like it =]

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Anyway, I watched two movies this week,
New Moon and (500) Days of Summer. New Moon sucks (no offense, fans). Such a garbage. Twilight is just umm-yeah-okay and it's much better than New Moon. I didn't see anything but cheesy love story, lame dialogues, and horrible acts. I hate Bella's obsession (err.. what? love? hell no!) to Edward and for me, she just look like a bitch. Sorry, I'm a fan of Kstew but this is really disappointing. It's really nice to see her act and sing in Into The Wild than craving for a hot vampire or shirtless werewolf (I don't even like Rpatz and TayL). IMHO, New Moon is one of the worst movies that I've watched in 2009. The other way, the soundtrack is awesome. Death Cab For Cutie, Band Of Skulls, Thom Yorke, Lykke Li, Black Rebel Motorcycle, Sea Wolf, Ok Go, Grizzly Bear, Editors, etc are just W.O.W. I love them.
How about (500) Days of Summer? It's AH-MAZING! One of the best movies that I've watched in 2009 and I'm not joking. And it's not a cheesy love story. Hahaha. Here's the trailer:

(500) Days of Summer is really refreshing. It's funny, unique, and true to life. It's got something for everybody to like. Even the soundtrack is beyond too cool. It's like a tribute to The Smiths. I love when Summer (Zooey Deschanel) sang 'Sugar Town' by Nancy Sinatra for the karaoke scene. Zooey even chose her own song for this scene. I love Joy Division and The Clash t-shirts worn by Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). I love Regina Spektor's catchy music for opening credit.

The most painful scene was the ending bench-scene. And I think that was the best part and the best memorable quotes.
Summer : I just... I just woke up one day and I knew.
Tom : Knew what?
Summer : What I was never sure of with you.

But there were also lots of funny lines. Even from the author!
Author's Note: The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Especially you Jenny Beckman. Bitch.

Also, these lines are legends.
Summer : We've been like Sid and Nancy for months now.
Tom : Summer, Sid stabbed Nancy, seven times with a kitchen knife, I mean we have some disagreements but I hardly think I'm Sid Vicious.
Summer : No, I'm Sid.
Tom : Oh, so I'm Nancy...

The director even made a short movie about this Sid and Nancy scene. It's so hilarious =D

Okay, I should shut my freakin' gob now. Just grab it on nearest DVD store and watch it!

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  1. I love all-black outfits when they're done with texture and interesting details, as you've done here!

    I watched Twilght (the first) last weekend and it disappointed me. If New Moon was worse, I don't even want to try seeing it!

  2. Christina: thank you so much. i always try not to make anyone yawn. hahahha.
    i think new moon is worse than twilight. the acting looks so fake. that's too bad, actually. i actually expected it would be better than twilight =/

  3. hey baby! another lovely photosssssssssss. <33333. Is it another coincidence or just destiny? i got the similar denim jeans jacket like yours. but without studs in the's justa Horse painting in the back. i'll show ya! can't wait for the Jakarta Invasion of us! Holy Insaners reunited! yihhaah!! i love ya!

  4. I absolutely loved that movie so much! I must see it again and again! And your outfit is gorgeous! So simple and chic! That is the most perfect denim jacket!

  5. I really like your all black outfit :)
    Thanks so much for writing about that movie ! I have wanted to see it for a long time and now I want to see it even more. and about new moon, I'm not even going to bother to go to see it. I'm not even a twilight fan :D

  6. oh my .,.lovely ur coolest denim studded jacket,fabulous shoes and sweet head band :)))

  7. I really love the 2nd pic thika!! you look great in that outfit!! I always wonder how you could wear so many outfit in once but still looks gorgeous and not too much/overdressed!! you're really a style icon dear ;)

  8. myrrh goldframe: thanks beb =*
    yeaaaah i can't wait xD

    Dylana: (500) Days of Summer, rite? me too! i wanna buy the DVD ;D
    thank you so much, dear =D

    Uniqua: thank you! you should watch it soon =D
    well, i'm a fan of science fiction story such as harry potter but these twilight saga just fucked up =/

    Zhcsyra hp: thanks, baby <33

    Fika: thank you so much, dear Fika =D
    i don't want to be under-dressed but i just love to dress up. hahahaha.

  9. simple dress with jeans jacket look great, and I like this sequined headband- it nice completed this outfit :)

  10. I love that movie. And your ouftit's really great

  11. wew,,very creative for your studded jeans jacket..
    like it!! :)
    and i also so looveee with the lacey cardigan too,,
    want it! :)


  12. Alicja: thank you so much! <3

    Rieke: thanks! glad you like them =D

    FIAN: thank you, my dear <33

  13. wow, I really love your style. and I really love all the black on black too!

  14. I love the different ways you dressed up your black dress. I'm inspired. You know I love all things black.

  15. Leah: thank you! <3
    you will never go wrong with black =DD

  16. i love the that jacket its like wow... that cool and the dress looks so comfy

    after taking a second look... because distraction of the dress and jacket i saw the short very cool

    thanks for the comment visit soon

    Vi from Cali

    too good to be true !
    i think this is the best look by you sooo far .
    the looks is sooo sophisticated !

    love the additional lace there.. makes the look more romantic:D and the DIY headband is the best part of the look!

    who takes shots of u by the way ? they're all SOOOO good ! i think i need to steal ur photographer. hehehe..

  18. Violet: thank you so much! you're being so nice =D

    michelle_: really? wow thanks. i don't even think this is one of my best look coz i play it so simple.
    my work-mate, Guruh, took all shots when i got my new camera. hehehe. i'll tell him ;D

  19. wow great outfit, amazing blog :)
    I've linked you on my site

  20. I looooooooooove your shoes! They're so unusual and chic!

    Also...I feel the same way about Twilight! Bella does just look bitchy as if she's like, um Edward's mine, get away all of you. Oh well.

    I can't wait to see 500 Days of Summer!

  21. freyja: thank you so much, dear! i really appreciate it <3

    Indy: thanks, cupcake! =D
    yeaaaah totally! i'm not even interested to read the books. and you should see 500 Days of Summer! it's awesome <3

    LaurenSchoon: thank you for the comment =]]

  22. i love the all-black ensemble. and your shoes are so gorgeous i wanna have one. and the studded denim jacket over your dressy outfit is so edgy. love it! thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

    love your blog. following you!

  23. You look amazing, but I especially love your denim jacket!

  24. I think the soundtrack was New Moons weakest part. I think with extra money for effects and music it would have been heart -braking. I think they just were too sure of themselves.

    juliet xxx

  25. I really luv the way u styled ur outfit!!I have not seen NEW MOON yet, but your view on it was very interesting : ) xx

  26. denim jacket rules...
    and I agree new moon does not.

    def no arguement here :)

    great blog!!


  27. yeah i'm a huge kristen fan but i HATE her as bella. and i dont like the movie either besides that oh so fucking drool worthy soundtrack....oh and those werewolves (cos they are finnnnee).

    gotta say i fucking love your blog. i havent heard a song by the coral in was nice to be reunited.
    wicked sweet jacket and headband.

  28. betz: thanks for following! highly appreciated <3

    Elaine: thank you for being so nice ;D

    Juliet: well,i have to disagree coz i love the soundtrack =D

    FashionJazz: thanks, baby Jasna <3
    well, if you wwant to watch it, be ready for disappointment =/

    fadetoblack: hell yeah! megathanks, dear <3

    liana: yeah, sure! i hate her so much for bella's role. the soundtrack is only the best part.
    thank you so much for following. appreciate it so much, liana <33

  29. you look really nice! and love your head band!!! love it!!

  30. i adore the lace cardigan over your lbd :) and that studded jacket is intense.

  31. Yo yo yiggadity yo. Juno? Definitely my obsession a few summer's ago! And I desperately want to see 500 Days of Summer. Is it one DVD?

    Great look, and great photos! Your shoes are pretty much exactly what I've been looking for - envious!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  32. hi there! i love your jacket dear. over all i like your style and all your photos are adorable.

    btw, im new here in fashion blogging, if you have time please come and visit my site at if you like it please follow and i will follow back. thanks a lot!!!

  33. VersaStyle: thanks! <33

    Hanae: thank you, babycake =DD

    Jen: megathanks, honeybee <33

    Lexy @ Quirky Explosion: yeaaah! you got it rite ;D i think so. i rent the movie and currently looking for the DVD. bootleg one is enough =P
    thank you so much, dear! it's only about $8! hehe <33

    Rica: wow thank you for the nice comment <3
    i'll visit yours asap =]

  34. i love you are sooo playful with your outfit. the way you layer is really creative.

    btw, i am in love with 500 days of summer too!!!! as for new moon, i didn't even bother to go watch it :D

  35. Stain On My Red Shoes: hehe thank you, mba Dhyt!
    yes yes yes 500 days of summer is amazing! and like i've said before, new moon is such a garbage. hahahah =P

  36. THANKS for stopping by the blog.

    i loved {500 days of summer}, i would marry JGL if i could!

    also your outfits are fabulous!!!!

  37. monica w: no prob! thank you so much <3
    yeah, JGL is really cute. and i think he looks like heath ledger =D

  38. OH I LOVE 500 days of summer too ! <3
    the best movie this year , i thought

  39. Earlene: well, i don't think it's the best but one of the best movies this year. i think i have the better list ;D

  40. I actually just saw 500 Days of Summer last night and lovedddd it. I found Summer to be a bit flaky though. :x

    Btw, your bangs are sweet.

    <3 always,

  41. tee: yeaaaahh awesome movie, eh? hahaha. she's too cute to be hated =P
    thank you so much for visiting <33

  42. One of my favurite movies too!
    I think because for the first time someone didn´t spoke about love but how to be free of an ex-love.


P.S. I Love You.