my maudlin career.


  • houndstooth-collared jacket: thrift store
  • off-white puffy chiffon shirt: thrift store
  • rust suede leather shorts: vintage
  • camel beret: ebay
  • brown leather belt: vintage
  • tribal paisley scarf: Forever 21
  • lace-up peep toe wedges: Miint
  • trapeze brown slingbag: Arena Experience

First of all, I have to warn you that this post contains tons of images. Number two... look ma! No black! Haha. Okay. I'm lying. There's a few black on some parts of the scarf. Well, only a few... =P
Oh.. I love these shorts! They are prominent part of this outfit and actually look more orange-ish in real life. That's why I wanted to keep it striking so I made them playing with neutral shades combo. What I love about the shirt are the fatty sleeves! They're so... puffy! Yaaaaaaay. Also, I'm back with my signature beret hat! =D
Anyway, have you joined my giveaway? If you haven't, join it, pronto, pleaseee! I read every suggestion and I try to make this blog looks better. I really appreciate what you have suggested to me and implement which suits me, my personality, and my blog. Thank you =]

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Last, I want to share you some pics that I took at Camera Obscura concert. The show was awesome! I struggled on the front row to take decent pictures. Well, I'm no goody goody photographer but that was the best I could do with 4 inches wedges and between the beetle and the block of taking pictures or singing along. Hahaha. But I didn't retouch these pictures at all except the lighting on one pic of Gavin because it was too dark. The rest, fresh from the camera. Enjoy =D


guess the song? my fave "French Navy" =D

Carey! believe me, she's a hyperactive person! xD

love the green lighting above her =]

duo Kenny and Gavin

mr. guitarist, Kenny

this is the only concert pic I retouched. I wonder why he loved to stand on the darkness LOL

aaahh.. I wish I got a better picture of Lee..

love how the focus changes on this pic, just like the opposite of the other pic above this

my fave shots of Tracyanne. one shot with acoustic guitar and the other one with electric guitar. love the lighting here, too. she's so adorable and her voice is magic!

wait! one more pic as a bonus. this is my fave amplifier on the stage! give it up for Mr. Orange!! Hahaha xD

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Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

woww!! you look so fresh with that outfit. you fit orange color perfectly. i really really like your scarf.

xoxo nathalie
ps* exchange link? :D

Anonymous said...

i love everything about you and your outfit!

michelle_ said...

that high waist short is probably the PERFECT slouchy shorts i've seen throughout blogging !
i love the addition of the bowtie scarf.. and the beret finishes the look with that parisian chic style ! :D

shatirah said...

OMG.love this outfit.u match it well.
LOVE vintage look :)

FlashFash said...

Great color combo!


michellehendra said...

babyy.. you look so pretty.. i super love the color pallete..the tone is my favorite one these days.. love love love! :D magnificent!


Gela said...

i love this look!!! the colors are so pleasing to the eyes.


♥Lola said...

I adore this outfit! The scarf is so gorgeous :)

julianne. said...

i am droooooling over this outfit.
everything about it is perfect!
you look so amazing.

Kallie said...

im so in love with this outfit...!

dzt said...

lovvvee your shooeezz... cute ^^

apparellel said...

i absolutely love this outfit! the colors are so amazing!


confessions of a marc addict. said...

those shorts are killer.

devishanty said...

french navy is my favorite too! plus forests and sands :)

Abysm said...

cute outfit! love your wedges kak!
Thank you for your comment on my blog *I wrote it twice, ehe*
I know how hard to dress without black :D


Owen said...

love your overall outfit!
i love the shorts.

btw mind if we exchange links?

Megan said...

your overall look is great but those shorts are amazing!

Melanie M said...

Oh my gosh. I adore you. You have killer style + killer taste in music.

I'm totally following. :)


Michelle said...

oh gosh, your look is always stunning :D
I'm wondering, who took all of your outfit photos?

Adri said...

Im really obsessed with your shorts...I'm really drooling. Not only are they suede but the color is absolutely gorgeous. Totally my favorite outfit to date : )

Cookie said...

awww so cute!! puffy sleeves!! love love love!! the whole outfit is so darling :D

Julls said...

Love the color palette in your outfit ! And also,the concert seems amazing !

The little world of fashion said...

great, you seems like a little french girl like this!

Robyn said...

You look lovely! Wow, especially that blouse-- what an amazing thrift find!


sayablack said...

Wow, your scarf is awesome.
Please check out my outfit<3

dred said...

your shorts and scarf, i like!!!

really cool blog. added you to my blog roll. hope we can exchange links.

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, btw. :)


Juliet said...

I love this outfit! The shorts and wedges are gorgeous!

juliet xxx

annamargrete said...

Those shorts look great!!!

xo, Alexi said...

that would be such a fun concert to go to! my friend and i were watching some of their concert clips on youtube a few months ago and we had lots of fun. the outfit is BEAUTIFUL! no black (or at least hardly any black) looks great on you. the way you tied the scarf is so cute and i LOVE those shoes.

Vintage Obsession said...

I lovee the color of the shorts and the scarf :)) those shoes i want to steal and run :))

Kim said...

Wonderful look, I really love your shorts!! :D

that girl lucy said...

i love your beret and that gorgeous scarf!
really makes the outfit :)

princesspolitico said...

first off... your outfit is just perfection. it screams a classic 1930s aesthetic... you look elegant! plus you have great music taste with the camera obscura concert! your photos are great :)


Rachel said...

I love love love this outfit! I can't even describe, it's just perfect. Thanks for your nice comment!

sharonlei said...

Wow! This look is amazing. I love everything about it... :)

xx Love & Aloha

Anna said...

Wauw, I love those shorts! Very cool outfit!


Ana said...

I really love your blog, and your pics:)
I use a Nikon D3000 but I don't know yet how to use it properly :)

I love your style and your pics so much, I've added you to my blog list cause you rock:)

Sophiemei said...

so lovely and comfortable outfit!! love the color in this outfit and cute hate!! thanks for ur sweet comment!

Marla Singer said...

thank you for those super sweet comments, guys! you make me soooo HAPPYYY =D <333

fina said...

foto-foto cam-obs nya keren thik! dan outfit kamu disini asik sekali :)

sunaina said...

Like the colors you are using, the paisley scarf looks cute on you and the beret is perfectly finishing it off. xx

Nadya said...

I love all the brown and white tones! And the scarf? Perfect. x

Marla Singer said...

fina: thank you, finaaa! hehehe =D

Lilla Kullan ♥ said...

I love your look today. :-) Hug Stina

TARA said...

i like ur blazer, love the color so much !!!

janettaylor said...

Pretty look, doll! :)

Nadia Kamballa said...

You look great! And yeah, no black.. hahaha... Will join your giveaway soon..


Martwa Marta said...

you look so cuuute! i love the wedges and you look fantastic in colours as well!

Clare said...

Love this look, it's a little bit perfect... I always love your facial expressions too!

So jealous of camera Obscura...I want to goooo.

tweet tweet tweet


JOWY said...


One Love,

KeepSmiling said...

You look great!
Your style is very eclectic! You always surprise me :)

pika said...

Hey girl!

I just came across your blog. You look great. This outfit really is something special. I adore the combination of all the latest trends. You wear someting leather, something ethnic, big sleeves at the shoulders... AMAZING!!! I love your blog!

Take care<3



Sher said...

This is totally french-chic, sweetie! And it's nice to see you wearing colours for a change!! Everything about this outfit is picture perfect:)


Denise said...

i really really love your style. awesome and cool. you're soooo good.

I am Denise Katipunera

Audrey Allure said...

Absolutely LOVE your outfit - the color palette, your hat & your scarf!

Wonderful pictures of Camera Obscura, love their music!

chaoskontrolowany said...

Great scarf and shorts. Have a nice weekend!:)

Contempo Ingenue said...

GREAT shorts! love them!

the contemporary ingenue

xoxo E&L

Marla Singer said...

thank you so much for the sweet words! you guys put a smile upon my face =DD

sasha b. said...

this outfit is just perfect i love everything about it! im a big believer that shoes should match one of your accessories.. so i love that your shoes match your hat! so cute!!

Sarah said...

I love love love this!
It reminds me of Paris, as many people have also said before.Tres belle, ma cherie!

daisychain said...

what a perfect outfit

Karoline said...

The shoes, the shoes!!

augustalolita said...

i am loving the color of your outfit!! your shorts & shoes are amazing!! you look fab!!

Ugnė said...

You look awesome!
Love your leather shorts and beret! :]


Marla Singer said...

thank you so much for brighten up my lazy morning with you lovely words, lovelies! <33

Lisa said...

That scarf is gorgeous and those shorts are so cool!

H K said...

I love the colour pallette of your outfit! I especially like the shorts!
Your hair looks lovely as usual, very pretty :D

Melissa~ said...

I'm so in love with your outfit. I lve that kind of shorts, and the scarf is so pretty.

thanks for your comment!

Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

You look very cute!
You are an inspiration for those who want to thrift shop! hehe I must go shopping now~

Mouthwash said...

I really love how the scarf and the shorts play off of each other. Wonderful! And those shoes are beautiful!!


(ps did your rosebud salve arrive safely?)

Tamara Alasdair said...

wow... those wedge are cute! and your baret is lovely! hehe :D


myrrh goldframe said...

whohooooooooooo!! Camera Obscura. My lifetime regretness not to watch their show, coz lotta works in weekend. Hate!

baby.. you look prettier everday. i lovee this outfit. no black..hmmmm... yeahh.. very nice!!! ;m goin to YK in the middle of april. what do you think?

i missed you too much.

Marissa Abigail said...

hey i love your scarf ! so cute ! :3
wanna exchange link anw ?

H A N N A H ♥ said...

I simply love every single thing about your outfit, and you look so beautiful :)



MOLLYKT said...

you're always so perfectly styled!

Myria Rafiz said...

hi Marlaa :D

wow lucky you!i missed Camera Obscura concert :( and i love your outfit! especially the rust suede shorts!im currently inlove with choco-orange colour, and your short really makes me wanna grab it from your wardrobe!hahahaha :D

btw thanks!waiting for your common outfit,btw i use jeans all the time hiks because i can't found a long outfit to cover my back when i wanna wear legging :(

keep posting ya!

- Myriaa

Brown and Cappuccino said...

Hi, thank you very much for your comment in my blog :)

I love your style, you are so pretty :)

kiss from Portugal***



omg! I got misunderstanding that I thought local is the name of the shop D:
so sorry dear!
btw, is the thrift store where you buy the jacket and the shirt is the place where you work?
omg their items are really cool
and your wedges! no idea why it looks so so so adorable

you are just looking like a super chic parisian with that "beret" touch :)

thanks for your lovely comment


how I envy you people in jakarta athat have a lot of secondhand store and indie type of store
I hardly find them in singapore!
yes! that is my sister who I want to get your pretty polka dress for :)
I am sure that she will look nice in them!
in fact, i love your blog much! you're too lovely in your way :D


wow! I heard that jogja have a lot of urban style shops rite?
you work as fashion stylish
what a cool occupation you have :D
thanks! :D

Bohemian said...

Oh love your shorts en shoes!! pretty!

Marla Singer said...

thank you for such lovely words you've dropped, cupcakes <33

ROBINE said...

What a fantastic outfit!
Looks stunning on you <333

xx Robine

FashionJazz said...

Ur colours here are amazing! U look stunning hun!! xxx

Anna-Lena said...

absolutely stunning outfit my love...looks fantastic!!!really gorgeous!!!love your shoes and your scarf...wonderful....wish you a nice sunday!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

fresh chino looks!!

Marla Singer said...

thanks for all your super sweet comments, my dearests <33

hélène said...

This is such a great outfit and you look amazing!!! Love all the details: the colors, the little knotted scarf, the beret - it all comes together perfectly!!


Marla Singer said...

hélène: thank you so much <33

Liz said...

i love this one; very french chic!! :DD

B.M.H said...

Love your blog!!! Su have such a great style!!

I follow you;)



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