premier anniversaire and giveaway chapter one. (CLOSED)

Yaaaaaaaayyyy! Bon anniversaire, my dear blog! It's been a year since I began the blog with a shy story . Although, I've been a bad...

Yaaaaaaaayyyy! Bon anniversaire, my dear blog! It's been a year since I began the blog with a shy story. Although, I've been a bad blogger too, sometimes when I didn't have any time to post anything and let everyone yawning. But thank you for always reading my posts and even dropping some lovely comments. You know how to brighten my days and it's very highly appreciated. Anyway, I won't write too much words anymore. I can't even think of any sentences rite now. Hahaha. I've told you all on my birthday wishes post (the last number 16) and I hope it would represent what I'm feeling about this blog and to you at the moment. THANK YOU SO MUCH for being such amazing readers, followers, and friends on my blog and also on, Chictopia, and other fashion communities which I belong to. THANK YOUUUUU ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
And as a favor to you guys, I'm currently holding a giveaway! Yaaayy. My friend made these cute dresses for her boutique and she's too kind to let me have these and throw em all for ya!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wild Rose
broken white-black dress with flowy sleeves, floral brooch accent, and sheer drape

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Pretty Polka
black and milk-white tiered dress with medium polkadot pattern and high-neck collar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ethnic Geek
black and off-white dress with wavy collar, tie belt, and amazing ethnic pattern

All dresses fit for Small to Medium size. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below contains all of these you have to do:
1. Leave your name + email + location/country below. You don't even need to have any blogs to enter this giveaway. As long as you are my readers, you are very welcome to enter this giveaway.
2. State clearly which dress would you like to have. Either the Wild Rose, Pretty Polka, or Ethnic Geek.
3. Tell me what do you like or you don't like from my blog or any suggestions for this blog. Just tell me everything! Yeah? (f.e.: too many pictures, boring layout, or posting some inspirations, etc)

This contest is open to everyone and everywhere for ten days (until April 4th) and I will announce the winners on the next post after the giveaway is ended. I will choose three winners based on the best suggestions, one international reader and one Indonesian reader. Also, in the name of justice for all (Metallica, yeaaah!), I'll catch one lucky reader via from any location. So, you could either be the bests or the luckiest =D
Good luck xx

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115 twist and shout

  1. 1. MyriaRafiz,, Yogyakarta/Indonesia. blog :

    2. Wild Rose! hehehehe

    3. Love what you wear! i always do! esp because you always wear something unique and unusual items! and i love tights, and you often wear tights in you daily outfit, and i loveeee it! :D
    but i would like to know some candid photos where you didnt prepare anything for todays outfit, for example when you decided to wear something simple. i sometimes read about how you didnt post anything in the blog because your outfit is such a simple or usual style :D me want to see your usual outfit darlaa hehehe
    thank you!

  2. Hey dear happy anniversary to the versicle, and congratz for your first giveaway!!

    I'm tasya from Jakarta. I would love to have one of those WILD ROSE dress. It is pretty!

    well, for point #3 it's kinda hard you know, since none of this blog I don't like, you have such an inspirational style.

    hey, how about taking it to the next level. How about challenge yourself to get a challenge from us, ur reader.

    My suggestion is we, readers, could challenge you with some theme or kinda situation and you come up with the most suitable outfit style. Well we wouldn't be easy on you considering your great sense of style, so it would be challenging :D.

    that's just my suggestion, if you find it as a silly idea, just ignore it hahaha.

    best wishes and a great good luck to the further life of The Versicle.

    Much xx


  3. 1.hai my name anita putri/,indonesia

    2.i really want the pretty polka! it's so cute :)

    3.You have an vintage style and so elegance, not all people especially the Indonesian people can be styled like that. Your style gives the impression to the reader that you really enjoy the clothes you wear. You have a good picture, so far you attract attention because you integrate well in most black clothes, not like me , I'm not so able to mix and match clothes that almost all black

    and cons is that you too often use the black color of your clothes, try to try bright colors with color choices will affect your face glow. and I think you are suitable for use bright colors.

    yaaa semoga saya beruntung :)

  4. 1. Rebecca Cohen., England, UK!! And my blog is It's Cohen

    2) Ethnic Greek, it's got a peter pan collar!!

    3) I like how you take so many photos, it's nice to see your outfits from different angles/lights, etc. and you set out where your stuff's from really well. Only critique would be to have more of your inspiration, it's good to see more pretty pictures as well!

    lovelove for the past year :)

    R xo

  5. btw happy aniv for your blog!! and is that really giveaway chapter one?

  6. I'm Christina from Pennsylvania in the US. :) I loveeee the Polka Dot dress! Super cute! And I think your style is awesome, so you should just keep things the way they are now!

  7. great :D
    I like black and white

  8. Happy birthday,dear blog !

    I love Ethnic Geek.Everything is lovely about it !
    GOod luck with this giveaway,is pretty big !

  9. oooo i like the polka dot dress! my email is and I am in the US

    I think you have a great blog! I especially love the pictures in your last post they're really fun!

  10. 1. Juliette
    Florida, US

    2. ethnic geek

    3. What a cool givaway! I love your blog so much and I am an avid reader!
    Your pictures are beautiful and your outfits are so creative.


  11. Happy anniversairie!!

    Fun that you're having a giveaway.I would like to have the Ethnic Geek dress. It looks so cute, and it's so me ;)

    I love your blog. You inspire me. Your outfits are great and the whole blog is actually quite fantastic! :)

    Keep up the good work girlie!


    Wild rose

    Happy blog birthday!

    I think your blog is close to perfect I really love your style and it so inspiring to come see here what you have worn. If I must say something I'd like to see it's where you get your inspiration.

    juliet xxx

    p.s. this is really cool giveaway

  13. Forgot to leave my country and my email... and my name. Haha:

    Anna - - and I'm from Norway :)

  14. adorable dresses! The second is my favorite :-D

  15. 1. Poppy RGP - - bogor -

    2. Ethnic geek. It's so me.. cute.

    3. Well, I really your blog. Your style is my inspiration too. Really love your fashion. Until I ever make posting about you in my blog. hihihi

    But, sometimes you stuck in one fashion like always black and alwas skirt and blazzer. sometimes it make me bored. But it's okay.

    And I want to look you wear batik or kebaya or other traditional dress.

    well, hope I can be the winner and get your giveaway XD.. And keep move yeah.. I keep be your readers. hiihi :D

  16. I am obsessed with your blog, and when saw you were having a give-away my heart skipped a beat.. my name is maggie ( and I live in Texas, US...but my family is military so I've lived all over the world! The Netherlands was my favorite(:

    The Ethnic Geek dress is beautiful!

    To be honest your blog is wonderful, I'm really into art and love your header, for suggestions - I love seeing you in colourful accessories, your extremely inspriational!

  17. 1.heyy, my name is katie and im 13 :)
    i live in the US, and my fashion sense is just budding an unusual ecelectic style. I can be reached at

    2. I would love the Polka Dot one, it would totally accentuate my long legs! :)

    3. You blog is amazing just the way it is. I love all the photoshoots you do, and your clothes are just fabulous! I maybe would suggest a question and answer type-thing? Like readers ask questions in the comment forum, and you answer them in a post? I dunno, it'd be fun to get to know you that way.Also,i like your idea of posting inspirations. Where do you get your inspirations? And what do you get out of them? i would find that very interesting to know :) ((like i have lately been finding inspiration in your previous posts))

    I just recently found your blog, and im so happy! you have a great style.

    -katie m

    ahh, sorry for the paragraph! i just realized it :P

  18. 1. Lizz Theobald/, USA.
    2. Ethnic Geek.
    3. Love the pictures on your blog and I think the title is way cute

  19. ~ shatirah shukri
    and from MALAYSIA :)

    ~i too in love with pretty polka.OMG :D

    ~ i think your blog is good enough.quit simple.i like it.and i like a lot of your picture too.
    then, i would to see u wear accecories mostly necklaces and try to wear striking/brightening/colourful colour for your cloths.hehe:)

  20. First, happy anniversary for your blog, and hope this is not the end for the blog.

    1. my name is ria , jakarta/indonesia.

    2. i really adore with etnic geek

    3. your blog is very cute and inspired everyone who read it from all over the world. but, i have suggestion for you, maybe you could sometimes wear adorable "batik", so many adorable fashion blogger coming from indonesia, but I rarely see them wearing a batik. I think you should try it sometimes. Thanks

  21. this is a great giveaway tika :D
    michelle koesnadi
    jkt, indonesia

    id love the ethnic geek one pleae :D

    as for the blog suggestions, i think your blog is fab enough to be criticized ! always fab outfits in gorgeous photography.. if i could suggest, maybe you could do some layout changes a bit :D the white is too plain for someone as stylish and cool for you ! dont change the illustration on the header though . its too lovely !

  22. I'm a huge polka dot person and I would die to have the pretty polka dress!

    My name is Sarah Dickenson and I'm from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    My email is:

    I just recently discovered your blog and I've been a daily reader ever since. Your photos are beautiful and you have a very unique and chic style. I think you have a top notch blog.
    The only suggestion I could make is maybe a change up of your blog design? You're lovely though. Thank you for hosting such a fantastic giveaway.(:

    ♥ Sarah

  23. this is such an amazing give-away!
    happy anniversary!

    i would like to have the 'pretty polka' please. since i'm such a sucker for polka...hehe.

    and what i like about your blog is your unique style...not a one-note blog at all. your style is different everyday.

    join the bags of love giveaway:
    ♥ bags of love giveaway | vanilla ice cream ♥

  24. wow this is awesome!
    im julianne and im from PA!
    iwould love to own the pretty polka.
    its so gorgeous. im totally inlove.
    oh dear i love your blog so much.
    i think youre just gorgeous & all of your pictures are amazing. keep up the good work. no wonder you have so manny followers.

  25. loving the little dresses
    so cute!
    thanks for sharing
    and thanks for the sweet comments, they mean the world!


  26. 1. devishanty.
    bandung, indonesia

    2. wild rose! will perfectly match my black rose ring hehe :P

    3. err i don't think i don't have any since i already love your blog. the layout is okay, i like white background, thou personally i love everything in boxes but it's just my taste :). love your style too :)

  27. finally giveaway!! yeayy!
    1. Lauretha Sudjono. . Surabaya. Id

    2. Puuhhretyyy Polka. I'm in love with her. <33

    3.Suggeestion'eh dear? hmm... Try something more vivid in colour for sometimes outfit post. Hahahaa.. you always said you're a monochrome kinda girl. teehee...afterall.. i always love what you do. I love you, holy insaner ! Bon anniversaire dear Versicle !!!! <333

  28. Hi!

    I'm Sher,, from malaysia and am a follower of your blog!

    I think I would go with Ethnic Geek! It's so adorable:)

    Your blog is fantastic, the only drawback is you don't update as often! It would be great if you could have shorter posts but post more often so that we have something to look forward to in the week!


  29. 1. Nora Tagore / Jakarta, Indonesia

    2. Pretty polka.

    3. You have a great and originality style. One of my local favorite blogger. Eventhough your outfit is almost black, you always know how to mix and match and don't seem boring. This is the reason why make me always visiting your blog and keep coming back for more. =))

    I love the writing of your blog. how you made it interesting and there are always every story behind its outfit you wear. love it.

    Last, you always take beautiful pictures, including every details of the outfit! =))

    I love every single pieces of your blog, simple-not too much. its perfect. i don't think you need to change anything.
    maybe one suggestion : can i see you in more color instead of black? it must be great i bet. haha..

    sorry for the long comments!
    happy blog anniversary.


  30. Thanks to you and your talented friend for this giveaway!

    1. Robin, kamikaze*at*gmail, NY, USA
    2. Ethnic Greek dress for sure. I haven't met a Peter Pan collar I don't like.
    3. I enjoy reading your blog from halfway 'round the world. It's lovely to see your take on fashion in this increasingly globalized, homogenized world. I have a couple of simple suggestions:

    a) Edit down your photos more. You only need one or two full-body shots (depending on the outfit) to get a sense of the look. Too many shots don't add much to the post, so pick your best ones, and vary your photos with detailed shots of your shoes, accessories, nail polish, etc.
    b) Showcase more Indonesian/Asian stores, designers, backgrounds or trends. Talk about what's going on over there. It's a strong point that you're not another blogger from Brooklyn!


  31. oh my, congratulations; you've come SO far. one of my all-time fave blogs!

    1. I'm Stace, a Melbourne gal from Australia -

    2. the Ethnic geek is my favourite; the pattern and cut are so perfect! amazing talent to make that ;D

    3. I love what you do - every outfit is something unique and your style is great! I'd love to see more besides outfit posts though; inspirations and everyday things that affect your style.

    small suggestions, because you do what you do so well that if nothing changed we'd all be happy!


  32. Happy bloggiversary!
    Name's Clare, I'm from Canada. Email is le.paradis.found @ gmail dot com
    I choose the beauteous Ethnic Geek~ The pattern is just divine!

    And I actually like how uncluttered your layout is. The illustrations are my favorite. Love the outfit posts too, keep em coming!

  33. COoL OutFiT iN BLaCK & WHitE..
    NiCe PRiNt oN tHat dReSs..
    LOVe iT..

  34. 1. Devi,, Jakarta Indonesia
    2. Pretty polka, cuz i always love anything with polkadots pattern ^__^
    3. I love to read your blog. n see your style, even i'm not kinda like your style, but it's so nice to see different styles like you did.
    maybe i don't really like the layout, it's not so simple with full of text on the right, maybe u can remove some? and the font too, too big i think. but i like the header though.


  35. All these dresses are perfect!
    It´s nice that you´ve blogging for such a long timme!

  36. ohhh! congrats, all these are so cute, want the second one :)

  37. happy anniversary, VERSICLE!
    1.I'm veren lee from Tegal, Indonesia :)
    my e-mail is
    2. loveeee the pretty polka one... I'm sure I'll look cute if I wear that :P
    3. I like your style very much. u have your own style. you're really smart to combine fashion item that a little *mencolok* for local Indonesian people... then u can make it into its turned really good! Your photos are really show the details of items which u wear..
    and.... ur post titles and stories are funny and... it makes people more interested to your blog (different with the others). U're really kind to other bloggers. u always reply their comments... bcs many famous bloggers like you very seldom reply their readers' comments...ehheehe

    I suggest you something : u're a famous blogger, u should wear and show BATIK to other foreign bloggers.... that will make we proud of Indonesian product, right ? :)

    that's all. hope I can win! keep blogging n being my fashion guru :D

  38. Congratulations, Marla. 1 year, yeah!!!

  39. Just wanted to let you know that you inspire me and I awarded you the Sunshine award on my blog ^^

  40. happy anniversary for the blog, tika! :D

    this is fhenny

    the white rose is lovely!

    well i really like your style and the blog. nothing need to be changed, dear. it is gorgeous as it is. hmm, but well, if i may suggest, i think it is okay to post some fashion or art inspirations or anything you like, besides the usual outfit post :D and probably you can try bright colours/ some prints sometimes? hehe

    all the best for yearss ahead!


  41. love the pretty polka one..:o)..looks so beautiful!!wish you a nice evening!

  42. Oh! Happy anyersary! The dresses are so cute, specially the polka dots one :)

  43. Haha this made me laugh "(Metallica, yeaaah!)"

    These dresses are too cute.

    Maybe put the sizing up?


  44. great the blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  45. Baby Says Boutique: LOL ;D
    i've stated "All dresses fit for Small to Medium size." above =DD

  46. hi! i'm a pretty new follower of your blog but, i wanted to tell you how nice it is! i love it! i check on it almost everyday! the reason why i visit this blog so much is because you are my style icon, Marla.

    -my name: Udayadity (Kristar) Ry
    -location: MA,USA
    -dress: "Ethnic Geek" (so cute!)
    -suggestion: well, i would like to hear you talk about fashion and stuff...i know it's weird but, it would be cool if you made videos and added them to the blog talking about your own inspirations and what your favorite vintage pieces are or tell us about how you would wear different things like: tights/nylons or scarves. give us tips.


  47. ciara
    i looove the ethnic geek!
    i love your blog ! all of the post are interesting and captivating. your blog really inspires me :D

  48. mara, from Nashville, TN, US :D

    (i really like the wild rose dress.)

    congrats on your blogaversary! quite honestly, your blog is pretty well-kept, so you don't really need that much transitions for it! maybe you could do reviews/guest bloggers/inspirational posts, up to you. but everything's pretty good the way it is! :D

  49. 1. atika amalina - - Jakarta, Indonesia

    2. i'd love to have Ethnic Geek ! the pattern is cool. Simple but so cute with the tie belt.

    3. i love your style so much :) you can combine your fashion stuffs become different kind of style in your day (i guess you have a lot of fashion stuff in your wardrobe) and you're so inspiring :D

    and for the suggestion, i think you should put some colorfull outfit for cheering up your day.

    i think it's enough and yeah HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to your blog :)

  50. Happy blog anniversary my dear! Cheers to more fabulous years.

    Gosh, this is difficult, you know how I love black and white... those dresses are all so pretty.

    Okay, if I have to choose one, it's the Pretty Polka.

    I love your blog... I love the size of your pics, the size of your font (that's one thing I look at when I visit a blog... it has to be readable), I love the simple blog layout.

    Manila, Philippines

  51. i'm maudy elvira, , i'm from jakarta.
    i think i would like to have the wild rose, it's very beutiful and elegant dress.

    i think your blog is very inspirated me, well you're just like 'fashion is not what you wear but how you wear' that motto is for you, girl.

    i like your blog very much, i read your blog everyday.

    thank you

  52. 1. jessica / / jakarta, indonesia.

    2. ethnic geek

    3. i love your style A LOT! just wondering why most of your outfits are black? why dont try bright colors, they will suit you girl! :)

    happy anniversary anyway!


  53. Hi, I am Vanessa.
    Jakarta, Indonesia

    I'd love to win Wild Rose :)

    I love your blog, especially your style :)
    I'd like to see more outfits

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Happy anniversary for your blog! Thank you for your comment on my blog :) I'll join your giveaway ^__^v

    1. My name is Anbiya. My email is I live in Jakarta
    2. Actually I love all but I choose PRETTY POLKA.I love its simple design. hard question.. *5 minutes later* I think your blog is COOL! I love your style. Sorry, i dont have any suggestion for your blog :( it is so hard. you have an awesome blog!

    Hope I will this giveaway.. hehe

  56. i already did enter the giveaway but feel free to count this as my second entry ;)

  57. 1.Adrianna Traxler is the name is my e-mail
    From Pembroke Pines, Florida

    2. Wild Rose! I love the pattern a lot and the wavy collar is so different.

    3. Your style is what keeps me coming back. I love all of your vintage pieces and how you style yourself. It seems like you mix at least one pattern in your outfits and i just love it. I also love your photos; the coloring is just gorgeous.

  58. 1. tiffany o. + + usa!

    2. pretty polka! it is so so cute!

    3. i LOVE all the outfit posts! so inspiring and fun! you could maybe post more diy's - i'm a huge fan of these on any blog! ♥

    xo tiffany

  59. 1. Ugnė Kazlauskaitė,, Lithuania!

    2.Love the third dress - Ethnic Geek!

    3. haha, my first giveaway! I never tried to win something, Im not so lucky in these things..but how can I say 'no' to you? :D
    Love your blog because of good quality photos, interesting places. I don't need to say you have a great sense of style and your outfits are amazing!
    I would like to see more tips about what to wear this season and so on, it would be interesting to hear your opinion. That's all :D I don't have any bad words for you or your blog, I wish you million
    followers and to have all benefit which blog gives! :]]

  60. Hi girl, I love your blog, I've been here many times just didnt left any comment, sorry for that, I love your style and thanks for being here for us :)

    I love the most pretty polka dress and I wish so much I could wear it!!! It is so lovely, amazing!

    kisses xx

    Magdalena from

  61. 1. Tex,, Greece

    2. Ethnic Geek.

    3. I just love your blog, the pictures, your styling, all of it!

  62. Ana-Maria Morodan
    Arad Romania
    High street

    I don't want you to change anything cause I love it so much and you look so cool and effortless.

    I love the polka dot dress.

    Big Hugs

  63. Congrats on your anniversary:)

    1: Sunaina
    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2: pretty polka, so adorable!

    3: You should not change a thing, it's perfect! Only.. On one of your previous posts you were smoking, bad habit! I think you should quit. Nothing further:)

  64. 10 days I'm offline, I miss your blog

    Bandung, Indonesia
    because Im obsessed with anything polkadots, and I need feminime dress on my weardrobe, so sad when know that I just have one dress


  65. 1. Nadia / / Jakarta, Indonesia
    2. Ethnic Geek, please...
    3. To be honest, I think your blog is impressive already. I love the simple layout, easy to read, love the photos, they're in great quality, love how you write your stories, very entertaining, and most of all, love your STYLE! You're an inspiration, doll! ^_^ Keep up the good work...

    PS: Oh, happy blog anniversary!

  66. Marlinde
    Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    I wouldn't mind owning any of these dresses. But if I had to choose, it would be the Ethnic Geek one.

    This is my first time looking at your blog actually. But I really like it! You look as cute as a button. You're style is very cool. The only thing might be that you do have a lot of pictures in every post haha. Maybe you could try and just pick a few? But it's not really that big of a deal. I'm now following you!

  67. Pretty polka please It's lovely :)

    I pretty much love your blog as it is, your outfit posts are beautiful and your style is great. Maybe a change of header soon? I change mine every season because I'm lame...


    tweet tweet tweet


  68. love your shoes and your shorts :)

  69. 1. Jessica , , jakarta

    2.i loveee the wild rose one. fell in love with the pattern :)

    3. umm im a regular reader of your blog, and i loveee it! you're a very cool stylish indonesian blogger. but maybe i want to see more color on the outfit xD like the last post of this blog (my maudlin career) you look soooo adorable..

  70. Audrey Allure
    NYC :)
    Wild Rose!

    Love your blog, I wouldn't change a thing. It's easy to navigate.

  71. - talisha quinta (
    - los angeles/ jakarta
    - pretty polka, because it's just so me, and i know i'm gonna love that dress with all i might.. the classic colors, the overall shape, and the perfect length makes it stand out :)
    -what i LOVE: almost everything i guess.. it's a rare event to see a blogger who could jump from one style to another easily without looking awkward or unusual.. you nailed down each and every outfit, you sometimes play with colors and patterns, but you always resort to all black attire every now and then, which is what you're best at.. i personally feel that we share a somewhat similar taste in fashion because is ee a lot of high heels, black, and cute bows in your photos. i'm pretty confident with this observation because i am a faithful reader of your blog,- always have been and always will be. (:
    what i don't LIKE: well, it's not really a big problem, but since you live outside the big city, you don't have access to common stores.. and you often buy things from eBay or it's vintage, or it's from a local boutique/shop located near you.. and i guess the more you influenced others -which we can clearly see that you do- the more they wanna have access to get the same stuffs that you wear. i'm thinking from other person's perspective, not just my own.. if your stuffs are from ebay or vintage shop, the nice thing bout those places are that they sell one of a kind stuffs.. but on the down side, it disappoints people who might want to own that same piece after they saw how gorgeous that cloth looks on you..

    ps: sorry for the lenghty comment, i am naturally trained by 5000words essay..

    may the best wins :)

  72. - Hey, happy birthday to your blog! I'm Henny from Singapore / Pekanbaru city.. :) (

    - I want all of them.. lol. but i cant be that greedy.. well, after putting on so much consideration, I'd like to have ethnic geek! it is just so lovely with the amazing ethnic pattern.. :)

    - I love the way you dress.. it is just so inspiring!

    Honestly speaking, I just stumbled upon your blog coincidentally.. and guess what? I get hooked on it!

    I love your figure... I mean, well, usually what I have been seeing in fashion industry is all skinny girls type who could wear sth chic and fashionable. However, since I found your blog, I think you are really great in putting all outfit thoroughly.. your outfit is effortless but totally fashionable and inspiring! :) your blog makes me realise that although we do not hv figure like a model, we still would be able to be a fashionable and inspiring! I'm proud of you girl! I love myself more now! i would not blame myself for not having such a perfect figure to wear fashionable outfits.. I have learnt to appreciate the way i look.. as a human, it is obviously that everyone has their own flaws, if you could cover it, why can't i? lol.

    It'd be better if your blog does not show only two posts.. why dont you show 5 or 7 posts on e one page? sometimes, i feel it's a bit troublesome to dig out your oldest post as I want to find sth to inspire me.. by doing that, you could also attract more readers rite? they would just easily scroll down.. just a suggestion though :)..

    keep inspiring us girl!

  73. 1. Emily (, Canada)
    2. Pretty Polka dress!
    3. I love how you have so many photos on your blog! i loveee reading it! but i think the layout can have a little re-vamp! : ) I know a few people who may be able to help with layouts if you need it!

  74. 1. Lisa USA
    2. I love the last one. Is that the ethnic geek?
    3. I have no complaints about your blogs, I love your interesting and inspiring outfits!
    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  75. 1.
    2. wild rose (i love it, reminds me of twiggy!
    3.I love the cute header of your drawing you have and your cool style! I'd love to see a bit more of color on the layout, it's kinda boring all black&white.... And i'd also love to see more posts of your personal life, inspiration photographies, a new section like Q&A (questions and answers), featured bloggers, you know stuff like that ;).

    thanks for the giveaway and congratulations!

  76. 1. Jacquilly Hooker + + California, United States.
    2. Ethnic Geek! Who doesn't love a geek? ;O
    3. I love your blog! It's very organized and have the best photos. What you can improve on...? Well layout wise, it's quite bland--since it's monochromatic. I think a bit more pop of colors will help match your lively photos and posts! Perhaps a banner of vivid patterns or a drawing? Whatever you want!
    Keep on doing what you're doing!

  77. 1. my name is tamara. my blog username would be tamara alasdair. my email is, and currently living at Jakarta, Indonesia.

    2. totally would love to have that wild rose! that is like totally cool! the patterns are awesome and its just so simple and cute.

    3. I love your blog. I do think your layout is a bit boring. maybe a bit splash of color here and there would cheer up the blog. and then, I think you're pretty much the ebay kind of girl, so sometimes people want to have things similiar but its on ebay so it kinda sorta disappointing. and then I just love the way you organize your blog. we dont have to search things cause everything is there. and also your photos and your clothes are great as always.

    sorry for the heavy length comment
    I hope I'll win this giveaway! :D

  78. 1. Christina,, Kirchheim/Germany

    2. Ethnic Geek

    3. First of all i Like ur drawing in the header. But the first thing I thought was that I didn´´t like the font. The header seams to be right-justified. I like it more if they are central. But that´s a matter of taste ;P
    Another thing I like about u is, that u dont use a lot of make up. I would look terrible, but uuuuu. OMG!:) MH. Don´t know how to say it. But when I´m looking at ur outfits everything fits so cool together. Although every item seems to be a single one the combination everytime just blows me away and is a cool inspiration :) Ur a person like me trying so stand out of the crowd and experiment with ur clothes. Ahh don´t know how to express it all right :D (My english.. Oh my gosh :D:D:D:D) Mh... Next Point. UR PHOTOS! Like how u play with the light and the mood of the foto becomes warm and natural, and sometimes that romantic or "old" look! But u always use a lot of pictures that look like the same. In my opinion it would be enough to show one picture of shoes, then some of ur jewellery/scarf etc and one or two outfitposts :/
    I also have a question. I´m totally in love with the Diana Rikasari Collection for Bloop Endorse. Do u know if they ship worldwide?!

    So finally: Kepp up ur work, I don´t really know what big changes u could make. Like the blog the way it is :)

  79. My name is Catherine Chen, MA, USA

    I am absolutely in love with the Ethnic Geek dress. The design of the print and the sweet childish style absolutely astounded me in it's beauty.

    I read so many fashion blogs, and I think what is so wonderful about you is the conversational way with which you write, and the humor involved. One thing I've noticed is that when the pictures are very clear and very large, it becomes moer enjoyable to look at them. I love your looks, and hope to see even better photography in the future!


  80. oh wow, those dresses are AMAZING :)

    Hannah Rose
    England (UK)

    I love your blog - you never fail to inspire me with your beautiful photos and outfit posts. Don't change a thing :)



  81. 1. Tabitha, ,Bandung. Indonesia

    2. Pretty Polka

    3. oh I love the way you wear black outfit, it's very inspired me. not too much, but always looks chic and stunning!
    but, i think you should try to change the background of the photoshoot, maybe in garden or some place where there are many flowers or trees. It would make more colorful picture.

    otherwise, I do love your blog so much <3 <3 <3

  82. bon anniversarie versicle :)

    1. I am Gilbertganda from medan, north sumatra, medan. ;

    2. I wanna get pretty polka for my sister since I have gotten her a big bow in polka pattern as well
    *I am a boy, so i won't get it for my self LOL

    3. hard to deny, your blog is so lovely especially your versicle header, its so so so lovely. Did you make it yourself? such a pretty one. And I also have been loving your outfit and posts recently but I didn't notice any indonesia made clothings. so some suggestions is try to wear something that is indonesia made to show the world that Indonesia have a high taste of fashion too, and white is too bored for your blog which is so fabolous
    and do some candid picture as well:)

    I am praying that I can win this for my sister* wish me luck

  83. Fab giveaway sweetie!

    For everything about fashion:

  84. 1. Mira Asriningtyas + + Jogja. Blog:

    2. The Pretty Polka, please.. ;)

    3. Since you're postings are mostly about outfits, your blog layout is perfectly fine! It makes your attires look more noticeable. I love the way you put things up and looks so becoming~ and I envy your shoes collection! Ugh!

  85. thikaaa..happy anniversary!! Thank god I still can enter for your giveaways!! yeayyy!!

    1. Fika + + Jakarta,Indonesia

    2.'s a hard choice..I want all of them!! hahaha..but I'll choose the wild rose :)

    3. As you know that I love your blog since the first time I saw it..the way you dress up really inspired me..and what I love the most is you were trying to wear a simple outfit in a unique way..keep it up dear :)'s hard for me to give a suggestion, because I already love all about your blog..hahaha..and I'm seriuos with it..just one thing dear,,keep update your blog and inspires us :D..that's more than enough :)

  86. hai happy anniv to the versicle, and congratulation for ur first giveaway and i'll wait second and third!!

    -i'm mirra from Jakarta Indonesia

    -iwould love to have one of those WILD ROSE dress, that is cute and vintage :)

    -i really really love ur blog, it's simple and nice from layout background anything, and ur picture is very great.. adore u!!
    u are my role, keep blogging and love you.


  87. 1.Rachel from Surabaya

    2.ethnic geek, so unique (:

    3. First of all i just want to mention how i love your blog. Your style is amazing and i love how you make some of the things you wear (like DIY), which is really inspiring for all of us. I don't think you post too much pictures but please shoot a close up of the outfit to show us the detail of the dress like lace, ect. I like how you post information about other things like events and stuff so please more of those. and another suggestion, you get some of your clothes from thrift stores, so please list the name of the thrift store and possibly the address because i go to Jogja a lot and i would love to see where you buy your clothes. I guess over all love the blog!

  88. 1. mutya from Bogor ( )

    2. ethnic geek, so Fab!

    3. well i have to say that ur blog is quite different from any other fashion blog. i mean, the others where always have those super-skinny girl, so typical. but you, you proud with your curvy body (but then, you are not fat too! ). i mean, you are just so real :)
    maybe you just have to change the background of ur pics. thats all i can say :)

  89. ur fuckin' twin3/28/2010 10:47 PM

    1. addientha di jogja.

    2. ethnic greek.

    3. bodo ahh yg lain p english, gue mah pk bhs lokal aje yeeeee.
    coba lo sesekali bereksperimen dengan full colours
    kbanyakan item-item sih lo. tp yaaaaaaaaaaaaa itu uda ciri khas lo sih. hihihihihi :p
    truss yaaaa lo udah tmbh PEDE skrg nih. buktinya dgn memamerkan kempol lo itu tuhhh yg jaman jadul pling ga lo suka. well, try to love it :)
    apa lgi yaa?
    oiyha background lo agak dbkin berwarna dkit dong. hihihihihi

    that's all !
    *gue ga ngarep dpt hadiahnye. stdknya uda gue ksh uneg-uneg hihihi

  90. ur fuckin' twin3/28/2010 10:49 PM

    eh mksd gue, backgorund blog ama backgorund foto
    oleh karena daripada itu, ayooo kita hunting tmpt sekalian hahhahaahahahhaahhaah :D

    *maap gue nyampahhh di blog lo LOL

  91. 1. Rachel Powell,, United States,

    2. Wild Rose

    3. Personally I love your blog and your style. I'm the type of person who doesn't like the bloggers who ramble on in their posts (I don't have all the time in the world to read their posts that sometimes are irrelevant to anything related to the post. All in all just keep doing what you doing because I love your blog!

    (Btw thanks for the lovely comment, don't hesitate on following my blog!)

  92. 1. Annie,, Minneapolis, MN, USA
    2. Really hard choice, but I think I will go with Ethnic Greek.
    3. Like everyone else has said, your blog looks wonderful. But one constructive criticism: your sidebar seems a little cluttered to me. Maybe keep all the photos/widgets in one spot, and text in another?


  93. 1. Claire

    2. Pretty Polka (SO CUTE!)

    3. i love your blog. keep doing what you are doing! :)

  94. Fitri .H / / / Depok ,Indonesia

    wild rose, floral brooch,cute :D

    its hard to say bad thing about your blog, when i first saw your blog, i love the header,side bar on of your blog too( esp.'i m the walrus xD)don't ask why, because i just love the pose and your simply blog (white background is perfect) . And of course your outfits that you post in here . i'm your silent reader from about june 2009( when your background pictures was still in front of the closed store)and i decided to follow u when i made my own blog.well,your personality is kind,i mean ramah banget, aku pernah kirim email dan di jawab dengan sangat menyenangkan, lengkap dengan jawaban yang aku harapkan .keep blog'n so you can see how much we love you and all those ppl inspired by your style <3

    happy anniversary :) :) :)

  95. 1. nathalie kartika putri.

    2. pretty polka

    3. i love your layout. it's simple but gorgeous. at the first time i saw your blog, i definitely thought you're so stylish. i like the way you mix your outfit. that's so cool. and your photos is always cool. you're photogenic
    and i suggest, you should put some photos about your activity or cool place you've been to with the outfit in the post

  96. happy anniversary! it's so great what u've achieved in one year
    have a blog myself, almost hits its first anniversary too but still not that good LOL
    anyway i;m really interested in your giveaway and decided to try my luck!

    Castor Pollux

    Pretty Polka
    polkadot pattern is forever and it suits with many accessories

    basically i love your blog, hm but i think u should give more color to the layout
    of course black and white is the best, but a little twist of daring color would make it perf! (maybe u could change the 'Versicle' title into red color?)
    and i'd love to see your pics with a (i don't know how to call this hehe) a little 'effect'
    your pics are great, but sometimes it kinda look 'heavily edited'

    well i gotta stop at here, think i've spoken too much :)

  97. ctually very difficult for me to say what i don't like from yor blog.cause i really like you blog!

    hmm think maybe sometimes you have to change your background image
    .you can show us how beautiful "jogja".i think in jogja many great place can you use for your background image.
    n sometimes you can invite you friends to take some photoshoot with you:)



    i love d pretty polka:)

  98. 1. Key/
    2.I love the polka dot dress:)
    3. I love your blog because you have a strong personal style and you live in a non-fashion-country like me but yet you make the most of your clothes :)

  99. 1. yessica/
    2. i would love to wear the ethnic geek:)
    3. i simply love your blog: your layout, photos and how you spill things in post. i also love your style: it's so wearable! but sometime its hard to find stuffs you had in your blog :( cause i dont shop online ahahahaha

  100. MA/USA

    Ethnic Greek

    I love your blog, and visit often for the lovely outfit posts! And you post very often!
    One thing I think could be better is the words...they're very informal. But keep up the good work!

    Catherine :D

  101. 1. Kalyana
    Country: Indonesia
    blog :

    2. I'd like to have that wild rose one :)

    3. I've loved your blog, especially your style. but i will be more cool if you modify your layout blog. and, it will be more cool if i can see your wardrobe with capture it (since you had a lotta lovely outfits :) )

  102. 1. Suzanne Tan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

    2. pretty polka for me!

    3. I've always love visiting your blog because your style has always been humble and stil fab. u thrift a lot and its wonderful because u really made a treasure out of the unwanted. u prove that everyone can do fashion without burning the pocket. u juz have to be creative! btw, i love the plain white minimalistic blog lay out because i think it doesn't take d attention away from fashion post and less clutter too. i know you DIY some of your clothes. it would be nice if you briefly describe how u DIY-ed the piece. other than that i think the amount of words are adequate and the pictures r beautiful. keep up the good work!

    happy anniversary!

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. 1. Marissa
    Jakarta , Indonesia

    2. Wild rose ! it's soooo cute !

    3. What i love from your blog is simple but it looks gorgeous & your cute style and stuff , i love it ! :)

  105. * fian
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    * wild rose, love the print of rose, it's awesome ! :)

    * i love very much your blog, especially with your way to mix and match for the best-look outfit..
    if i do blogwalking, i'm surely visit your blog dear..

  106. 1. Milly,, UK

    2. Ethnic Geek but tbh I love them all.

    3. Um well personally your blog is one of my favourites. So all I'd say is POST ALL THE TIME, so I have more to read! Lol. Um.. I'd love to hear what music you listen to? The odd tip off about a good store/brand/place although tbh you do that a bit anyway! Occasionally there's a lot of photos that can be slow to load but tbh I love looking at them all.


  107. 1. Putri Fadilla,, Jakarta/Indonesia

    2. WILD ROSE!!! YAHOOO >___< ♥ ★ (✙◕‿◕✙) ★ ♥

    3. Well, from the first time i saw your blog, i fell in love with it and thought that IT WAS SO COOL!!! nyaaaann >///< *blushed* even if it's simple but it's so gorgeous. And, what i think it would be best that you add gothic thingy or like COSPLAY!!! it's kawaiiii >___< nyaaaannn your pictures are refreshing ^^ fufufufuu, but sometimes my internet connection goes soooo slow that it was hard for me to see your photos -_-"
    ♥ ★ (✙◕‿◕✙) ★ ♥

  108. 1. Putri Erdisa Januarti,, Serang-Indonesia

    2. Ethnic Geek! but I love them all actually :p

    3. you know, as a matter of fact, I fell in love at the first sight with this blog. I love your outfits, I love the way you write about everything. and maybe it's good if you post some video about you saying some random things or.. well, whatever! I just wanna hear your voice! and.. maybe you should post some other things beside the outfit posts, like buildings you visited, your family, or anything! and no, I'm not trying to tell you that your outfit posts can make us the readers feel bored.. no, big no! it's just maybe will be more variated if you post them up. :)
    and anyway, you're beautiful, you know? are you a model? heheh :)

    *OMG! I really wish I could win the dress! x)

  109. 1. Adhisty Kiara,, Jakarta Indonesia

    2. Actually I love them all, but the one that catch my eyes is Ethnic Geek! I really really loooove the pattern!

    3. Well, first time I know your blog is from and the first time I arrived at your blog I think that's your blog is really cool and personally, your blog the best fashion blog! Your photos are really really great! You took it very well and I like your face, feels like there's something different with the other faces.

    But I think you should give us some recommendation, such as: where to buy your favorite stuffs? and others

    That's all, I think I speak too much here ;)

  110. sophie ellen
    england, uk:)

    b) pretty polka

    c) you asked for suggestions but i always read your blog and its always flawless! you're pictures are really sophisticated and mature but young in their own right. my one suggestion is maybe go to much different locations and fit your outfit around the setting and make more of a story about it? okay kthanks byeeeeeeeeee x

  111. 1. Charlene / Hyogo Japan

    2. Wild Rose,

    3. I like your amazing outfit photos! I suggest you to teach us how you style your outfits like what are your inspirations, how you start styling your outfits and how it affected your day. happy anniversary to your blog!

  112. 1. Adriana Anjani/ Indonesia

    2. Ethnic geek!!!

    3. I like your outfits, your photos, and I like your expressions in every photo. You always look so happy and comfortable with the clothes you're wearing. It makes me realize one important thing in fashion: COMFORTABLE. Because when you feel good, you look good. And your photographs... Don't know why I saw some mystery in every photos you've captured. I like it :)

    But.... Sometimes I just get bored with "the street" background. Maybe you can change the background. I always wonder like "What's your house look like? What's in inside?" because I read most of blogger are capture their outfits photos in their home, or their room. Or maybe this is your signature? So, I hope you can change your background location.... I'm really happy when I read your post "Razzle Dazzle Rose". Hurraaay, it's colorful background! Okay, maybe that's it. Happy anniversary to your blog! :)

  113. AHHH giveaways!!!
    Lemme join lemme join!

    1. Claradevi / / Jogja, Indonesia

    2. Pretty Polka (sorry, i really can't resist the edge of vintage-y stuff :D)

    3. Several thing you need : (1) More diverse background for the photoshots (2) More colour on your blog's layout... You have a great blog so sometimes we'd love to see many things. Fill up your sidebar! Bigger pictures, more links, everything you like (3) Music reviews! You know you've got lots of references.. do share. And movies too!

    Anyhow, I'm glad for you and will always be your loyal fan... and friend. Gudluck for everything sweetpea!

  114. Yeay kak i'm going to join the giveaways! Haven't closed yet, have it? =D

    1. Eva Silviana / / Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

    2. Pretty Polka

    3. Honestly, i like everything on your blog. You're such a wonderful fashion blogger. But maybe i think you should add some things or some pictures that realted to your job, friendship, boys, family, etc. It would be more interesting to be read. And another thing is, maybe you can go with another pose of outfit pict. I know you can =D

    But the packaging oof yourself is, Cool. So, just be yourself then. If my suggestions are not into you, just ignore it then hihi :)

  115. 1. Yara., Jakarta/Indonesia . blog :

    2. Ethnic Geek :)

    3.I love your blog so much and I like your dress style .. cute and original, not copying . but I feel rather bored because your blog has no more colors, maybe you can add some colors in your blog . but overall, your blog so nice :D keep posting!


P.S. I Love You.