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The giveaway contest is officially closed! Thank you so much for your entries, the inputs and suggestions mean a lot to me. Huge apologize ...

The giveaway contest is officially closed! Thank you so much for your entries, the inputs and suggestions mean a lot to me. Huge apologize to all of you because it took so long for me to announce the winners. Local clothing festival on last weekend and this-week exams are killing me softly. I try to manage my time and my mind to write this post. But first, let me dwell on some points about the suggestions that you've all given to me. Gotta be a long post, though. Hehe.

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First, a lot of comments (yes, a lot!) said I should wear more colors. Well, I'm more like muted or monochrome girl but it doesn't mean I don't wear colors. If you follow my blog at least since the end of last year, I do play with some colors and patterns. Even, few months since I started this blog, I wear a lot of no-black. Simply browse through GET BACK (read: archives) and you'll find me wearing colors that you probably wouldn't think of. But lately I've run out of colorful outfits to wear ('ve told ya, more than half of my closet is black...), that's why till I find something not-black to wear, I'll stick with eerrrr... black. Hahaha. But I know it's time to move on and I love to play with more colorful outfits. Thank you so much.

Second, still about my outfit. This suggestion mostly comes from Indonesian readers. They would like to see me wearing batik. I've posted once an outfit wearing batik dress for Batik Day. And that's the only batik dress I like so far because it's quite different than others. I'd love to wear it again if I find another great one =D

Third, about my plain white layout. Some of you said it's boring while the others said it's uncluttered and they love it. I do honestly like the layout neat and clean. I want my photos to be prominent things on this blog. I've ever made some changes with my layout but I find plain white is the best for me. Oh, and I won't change the header. I'm so proud of the illustration that Erin has made me so I'll stick with it. But thank you for the inputs!

Fourth, about amount of my photos per outfit post. I know I sound like a ridiculous narcissistic, but I love to share a lot of pictures because I couldn't pick few ones. Hehehe. Sorry. But this is a super great suggestion and I'll reduce the amount of photos. I'm still learning a lot about photography and my work-mate (who took almost all my photos) is not a professional photographer. He just follows my instruction and I do have lack knowledge about photography myself so the photos always look the same (full body and above waist close-up only), and even the poses. Hahaha. How embarrassing. But other bloggers give me so much inspirations and I'll try to take pictures with more details or different angles. It's hard to change the background, though. I take pictures mostly at work and I don't have much spare time to walk around the city and do a photo shoot. But if I have my spare time (or jobless, which is the last thing I want in this world...), I'd love to show you how beautiful my city is =]

Fifth, some of you asked me to post more about personal side of my life like my house, my family, friends, boyfriend (FYI, I don't have any boyfriend and I'm not interested to have one. Haha), etc. Again, very huge apologize but I don't feel comfortable about sharing my personal things over the internet, even my full name. Privacy is the most expensive thing to me and you know how cruel cyber world could be. I'd be happy to share about my interests, my job, fashion or blog related, mostly everything but personal stuffs. I just need to draw a line between my private life, my social life, and my cyber-social life. I hope you understand =]

Finale, my favorite suggestion would be posting some inspirations. This is a really good input and well, everybody loves pretty pictures so I'll put some when I have no outfits to get posted. And it could be cover my lack ability to post regularly and more often than I've done before. It also applies to reviews/featured bloggers/FAQ post/style tips/DIYs. I try my best to work on it. Bunch of thanks!

Now, it's time to announce the winners.
From 115 comments, I only counted 95 comments as official entries. And the winners are... *drumrolls*

The best comment from international reader goes to:
Robin from USA
Hope you'll like the Ethnic Geek!

The best comment from Indonesian reader goes to:
Talisha from Ribbonyboo
You'll look super cute in Pretty Polka!

And the lucky reader is:
Charlene from Candy Kawaii Lover
The super pretty Wild Rose is yours now!

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  1. Congrats to the winners.

    I agree with you about the clean white layout... I find it more professional. The Sartorialist is a good example. Don't change anything about your blog.

    Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Congrats to all winnerss :)
    I do agree that the white layout is clean and proffesional.. I think it suits ur minimalist outfits..

    Like u, I also feel uncomfortable talking too much about my personal life..I give little hints abt school and I nvr talk about my relationship, friend stuff too..the internet is a dangerous place and I'm glad you understand the risks :)

  3. I totally agree with you i like to wear clean and clear clothes don't like too much color! :)

  4. I totally agree with U. Ny the way congrats to the winner!

  5. i can't wait for another posts and i love how you keep it simple with your background. anyway, of all those words, i fancy your saying "I don't have any boyfriend and I'm not interested to have one."

    gawd, i just couldn't agree more.

  6. I do agree that we should not write too much about our own private life here!
    because privacy is still privacy and no one can change it
    and about your layout
    yah! simple is still the best and the header PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE IT! you got the cool header :)

    hope to see your outfit :)

  7. Congrats for all the winner, poor me, hehe
    I totally agree with privacy in cyberworld! and I also love your white background.. its eyes friendly, hehe

    come come to my blog -->

  8. congrats to all the winners...esp to the my blair waldorf, Talisha!!!


  9. yahh ga menang.. hehehe.. congrats anyway for the winners!

  10. what a thrill :)
    thanks kak.. hehehe anyway, i think you should stick with neutral background.. white is so far the best.. it makes the whole page looks clean and makes your photos stand out too.. (:

    i'll wear the dress as soon as i get my ass back in town ;)

  11. oh how I love zoey. I wish I had her style!

  12. Great post!:)

  13. congrats to the winners!

  14. so jealous of the winners..
    i was crossing my fingers really hard..hehe.

    believe me, i tried to change my all-white layout and just couldn't..nobody can beat white. it's neat, a classic, professional and most importantly, it's web-friendly (meaning, our readers don't have to wait for other elements in our blog to load..haha!)

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥ 

  15. Congrats to the winner! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  16. ah.. lucky Ribbony Boo.. I was sooo drooling over that polkadot little dress.. anyway,dear, lets exchange link, shall we?

  17. congrats to the winners!! lucky them

  18. congrats to the winners!

  19. I'm with you with the white layout. And I'm with you with the privacy thing too. That's very important.


  20. you have a lovely blog, keep it up
    thanks for sharing as always, darling!


  21. congrats to the winner :)

  22. aww love it. lovee it!


  23. Congrats to the winners!!

    p.s i love Zooey!!

  24. Congrats to the winners!! Hope ur well hun xx

  25. Congrats to the winners! I have always loved your blog the way it is, looking forward to your new input! xoxo

  26. Why don't you write others articles in your blog ?
    I like your blog but he miss news articles!!!

    I don't speak english very well so sorry for the mistakes!! =)


  27. I agree with you!
    Congrats to the winners :)

    x Robine

  28. Hi, sist! I am a new blogger...
    My name is Creamy and my blog is
    Visit it, ya...
    Luv u

  29. Love the skirt!!


P.S. I Love You.