shopdixi giveaway. (CLOSED)

It's time for GIVEAWAY ! Yaaaay. You could win this gorgeous Black Lace Open Vest (One Size fits up to UK 14) from my beloved sponso...

It's time for GIVEAWAY! Yaaaay.
You could win this gorgeous
Black Lace Open Vest (One Size fits up to UK 14) from my beloved sponsor, ShopDixi.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

To enter this giveaway, you should do the following rules:
1. Visit and pick your favorite item in store and tell me why
2. "Like" ShopDixi Facebook and suggest them to as many friends as possible (under the profile picture for this page there is a button "suggest to friends")
3. Leave a comment with your name, email, and confirmation that you have suggested ShopDixi Facebook to your friends!

Easy rules, right? This contest is open to everyone and everywhere for nine days (until June 9th) and I will choose the winner based on their favorite item on ShopDixi and also the reason. Don't forget to "Like" ShopDixi Facebook and suggest them to your friends, guys. I will announce the winner on the next post after the giveaway is ended. Good luck xx

ps. For Versicle. readers, get 10% discount of your online orders with ShopDixi at no minimum purchase! Enter the code VERSICLE10 and valid only for this June! xx

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34 twist and shout

  1. -hey I've liked the shop dixi facebook page and suggest almost half of my friends. hehehe

    -I'm Michelle, and here's my email:

    -my fave piece on shop dixi is the clover pink dress. because it's sweet and represent calmness and easy to mach also! it's not too formal and casual, you can go on well with this piece in any occasion. it's natural, sweet, and love that! it's gorgeous :]

    and i'll put about this giveaway on my blog soon :]

  2. ouch! the give-away was so gorgeous.
    and i love shop dixi so damn much! :D

    - I've already liked shop-dixi's facebook page and suggest almost 200 of my friends. :)
    - My favorite item on ShopDixi is "Funny Bones Tights"
    it's ubercool, unique and very rarely found.
    the skeleton prints is made me 'melted'. hahah. :D a fun touch for any outfits, make us being 'limelight'.
    oh, i loveeeeeeeee that.

    name : melissa.tjioe
    email :
    hope i can win this giveaway. :D

  3. absolutely great outfit...i adore the combination with socks and flats...great!!love it!wish you a wonderful evening!
    hugs & kisses

  4. i LOV everything on this website.
    esp the grace cream collar dress caus its so adorable and floral.<3
    i liked them on FB etc.
    email is
    thanks dollface.<333

  5. hello darling. thanks for stopping by me. hope youre having a wonderful week so far
    i like a lot of the items on dixi- off to see more now

    xx ediot

  6. Wow so georgeous, love it:)

  7. It's so pretty!! Would be perfect to layer this summer! xoxoxoxoo

  8. 1. My fav is the Charlie Floral Scoop Dress. It's very feminine and can be used during the day to the mall or at night to a club.

    2. I "Like" ShopDixie Facebook and suggested them to my friends

    3. Kim

  9. Hello!

    Nice to meet you kak. Hope we gonna be a great friends =)

    I'm Stella from Indonesia

    Believe me or not, you're my fashion icon.

    Visit mine,

    XOXO and have a nice day.


  10. Loving the pictures


  11. love the rosalle eige satin camisole !
    i've Liked shopdixi on facebook and i've also suggested my friends to like it !

    pick me as the winnerrr ! :)

  12. i forgot to put the "why" part..
    i like that camisole because i can wear it with my shorts, jeans, distressed denims, and pretty much anything in my closet !
    the top will do wonders making my grungy and edgy looks more feminine :) the color is also to die for. this camisole will help me achieve the underwear and outerwear trend look !

  13. really wonderful!!
    loving your blog, keep it up!
    and thanks for your sweet comment, means the world!


  14. I already like Dixi FB with acc NABLY By Fika..I already suggested it to my friends :)

    I love the Camelia Mocha Floral Dress!! so sweet, I love the color and the pattern..and I think it will be great if I paired it with jeans, long tee and my veil :)..since I'm new in wearing veil, so I think I need that kind of dress..esp one that I can wear as top to ;)..

    Have an idea for prewedding photoshot?Join my blog giveaway!!

  15. such a cute vest !! I want it!!

  16. In a dark, dark town, on a dark, dark street, there was a dark, dark house. In the dark, dark house there were dark, dark stairs. Down the dark, dark stairs there was a dark, dark cellar. In the dark, dark cellar some skeletons lived! There was a big skeleton, a little skeleton and a dog skeleton!

    I love the Funny Bones tights because they are completely unique and just brilliant! The idea of having bones on tights is fantastic (I have tights with skull and crossbones on them already, but they're not nearly as cool). I also like that they look like a pretty thin denier, as that adds to the transparent X-Ray effect. Plus, the name Funny Bones is wonderfully reminiscent of the Ahlberg books - and any clothes that take me back to my childhood, but are still cool and infinitely wearable, get a thumbs up from me!

    My name's Rachel, and my email's I liked ShopDixi earlier and suggested it to quite a few friends - several of whom I've now noticed have also now liked the page!

  17. Haha I love the above comment! In a dark dark house <3


  18. 1. im visited shopdixi and like to pick Elise Sky Blue Satchel bcos i think the bag so elegant and it look like Mulberry (Alexa Chung) :) i love the color i love the pattern and i love everything about that's bag.and for sure it's can be wear with any type of clothes.MARVELOUS.
    (honestly i like to pick all bcos everythings are totally awesome! )

    2.already clicked 'Like' on facebook page and suggest to all my friends :D

    3.shatirah shukri,

  19. my

    *i already like shopdixi on facebook n suggest to my friends:)

    i really love "Florence Lace Jacket".
    i love something vintage and i love that.there's no specific reason why i love that.I just fell in love at first sight when I saw that lace jacket.when i like some dress or skirt or etc.i can't explain why i like that just happened.i didn't see another collection.why?like i already said.i love that at d first sight:)


  20. wow amazing <3
    kisses and have a nice day

  21. Oh, thanx for opening my eyes for all those yummy dresses and skirts, heh...
    Most of the stuff I like is actually sold out!?!?! But I luuuuurve the Ella nude shoulder dress - it's the P E R F E C T summer dress... I'd wear it for BBQs, the wedding I'm hoping to attend oh and I'd tough it up, rock chic, with some leather'n' stuff for a night out with the girls :-D

    I now "like" Dixi on FB aaaaand suggested it to my girl friends... not sure the boys'll "like" it too!hmm;-)

    /xxx Nete

  22. Healthly lungs
    pink, full, alive
    free from obstructions
    and man made poisons

    Damage lungs
    brown, flat
    mans black velvet

    Black velvet
    addictive poison
    deadly cancer

    Black velvet

    (Black velvet - Vincent Armone)

    1. i've already clicked 'like' button and suggest Dixi to my friends with facebook account: Edwina Nuroctaviani.

    2. i love Midnight Velvet Cross Back Dress because the dress is unusual yet quirky. which is i love it so much. and the fun part is i can mix and match it with other bright-coloured outfit. I bet the dress will be more dazzling! :)


    Flickering Moonlight

  23. hey, love the products. but my most favorite item is the funny bone tights. it is really unique and cool, it looks alike real bones, and a perfect match to be worn to a rock concert. and I am a big fan of grunge things :)
    I've liked DIXI page on facebook, and i've suggested it to my best friends.

    I am Vanessa, and this is my email:

    this is my favourite piece! Everything about it is just perfect!! The lace pattern, the white underlay, the length, the fit. perfect! It has a naughty, sexy look to it without having a slutty look that so many lace dresses seem to have. LOVE IT.

    My name is Jess, and I suggested the facebook page to 17 sexy ladies who I knew would appreciate the amazing clothes. this is my email!

  25. i liked shop dixi facebook fan page and spread this superb cool store to all my facebook friends :)

    love Rosalie Beige Satin Camisole, the basic colour is representing me in other style. and i feel that the colour will give me some extra power to cheering me up in my gloomy day.

    atika amalina
    so, pick me as the winner kak !

  26. Hi.

    first i open and see funny bones tights and nude seem back tights, it's unusual for me. and totally i like their rarity. i like those. :D

    and of course i like Elise Tan Satchel. it seems like mulberry (Alexa Chung) that i really want.

    OK, I've already liked Shopdixi. and suggest it to my friend.

    my name Agata Wijaya and my email:

  27. wow.. dont know why I miss your blog :)
    I havent blogging again since- umm- haha, forget!
    but the point is im back!
    yay.. i really love those heels :)

    come and check out my blog -->

  28. Hurray for the giveaway! :D

    Letsseeee... I like Josie White Lace Dress because it looks like the one Cherry Blossom Girl wear in her latest post and I looove it; I love Midnight Velvet Cross Back Dress too because it's sooo sexy.. arrww.. it can drive my man mad! hahaha!; Yani Mint Floral Playsuit because it looks totally comfy and I always wanted a playsuit and haven't bought any; Florence Lace Jacket because I'm all about lace; and.. and.. oh, please stop me now.. ha-ha!

    Yes, I've 'like' Dixi fb and suggest it to my friends. ;)

    Miy ( pick me! pick me! pick me!

    The Picnic Girl

  29. Hi!!!
    My name is Selly.. I love giveaways.. :))

    Well, there are so many items that I like in ShopDixi.. But my favorite item would be the Funny Bones Tights.. I love it because they're so unique and they will match to all of the outfits that I would wear and maybe I will wear them every day!! :p It's like a best buy item!! Woohoo!!

    I have already liked ShopDixi.. :)

    My email is saat_ini
    and I have suggest them to all of my friends.. :))

    Pick me! Pick me!! :)

  30. I have blog the giveaway and tweet them! :))



P.S. I Love You.