I just browsed around and found these beautiful Kling ad campaigns and suddenly fell in love. Built around sweet mini-dresses covered in f...

I just browsed around and found these beautiful Kling ad campaigns and suddenly fell in love. Built around sweet mini-dresses covered in florals, soft details, frills, light material, and softly colored hues, Kling campaigns are only made more appealing and inviting by the gorgeous styling and photographs.


The spring 2010 lookbook 'Picnic Folk' captured every great moments of picnic party with the rays of sunlight, the hammocks for lazy days, and the delightful dresses.


While, the summer 2010 lookbook 'Fun Fair' is the cutest playful mix of bright and pastel colors. The girls in the adorable dresses laying in the sand, the little boat rides in the most darling outfits, it has such a great vintage feel and totally makes me want to be on the beach with a cute white summer dress on!

I admit myself that I never heard of this Madrid label before, but the ad campaigns have stolen my heart. My absolute favorite kind of lookbook: with a dreamy, vintage feel and washed-out hues, and girls who look just that little bit sleepy. Very inspiring for blog-post shots and now the illustration of my inspired-photo-session is running through my mind...

ps. Do you like my new layout? ;D

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  1. kak thika! omg the photos go so well with your new layout!

    but I kinda miss the purple layout! as purple is my fav colour! I dont care when people say its janda colour but for me its the colour that represent luxury!


  2. They truly are quite wonderful. You can't go wrong with a setting sun peeping over grass, and I love the muted effect.
    And incidentally, I like the new layout!
    It would be mine

  3. Love the photograph. Love your clothes as well.


  4. THese are such beautiful pictures and I love the clothes. They look so light and comfortable.
    I haven't been by your blog in awhile, but your layout is gorgeous, I love it!

  5. Love it ! It looks just like the perfect holiday a girl can have with her bestfriend,so thank's for sharing ! And yes,the layout is adorable - right in time for fall ! Hugs :)

  6. wow, i love the new layout,!! and these are amazing photograph and love the tone on all photos here.

  7. Amazing look book!

    Love Grace.

  8. wow i like it! very nice

  9. amazing pictures <3


  10. those pics are amazing :)

  11. Wow, giirrll, I love the new layout! Those ad campaigns are beautiful as well.. :)


  12. whoaaa i love your new layout, kak :D
    and nice photos, thumbs up! :)

  13. nice post..
    i like the photographs...

  14. So gorgeous, just love it! The atmosphere is beautiful
    xx. Peaches ♥

  15. lovely collection!i love summer clothes :)

  16. These pictures are all so dreamy. I love them!


P.S. I Love You.