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I know it's a bit late and probably some of you might have seen it before but the first time I saw April edition of Elle Spain, it really blew my mind. I couldn't take my eyes off it and I know that I had to post it. Hahaha. Seriously. An amusing spread featuring your favourite fashion designers as Disney characters. How crazy is that?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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“La Moda Animada” was illustrated by Ulrich Schröder and features Karl Lagerfeld as the Big Bad Wolf, Donatella Versace as Daisy Duck, Marc Jacobs as Donald Duck and Dolce & Gabbana as Goofy and Mickey Mouse! Other designers getting the Disney treatment in the spread include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Sonia Nathalie Rykiel, Alber Elbaz, and John Galliano. What do you think of the fun Disney idea and which one is your favorite? I think this is one of the best spread for all-time's sake. It kinda reminds me to Simpsonize-me (THAT ONE is super funny, too!). My favorites are Donatella Versace, Sonia Rykiel, and John Galliano (I COULD DIE SEEING THIS TOO MUCH! OMG). Hahaha. Enjoy ;D

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french navy.


  • navy blue padded blazer: thrift store
  • black knit sweater: Body & Soul
  • lace and tulle skirt in navy: Rodarte for Target
  • red heart-shaped glasses: Forever 21
  • black beret: ebay
  • blue patterned scarf (worn as belt): birthday gift
  • three-tone strap wedges: Topshop
  • bluebell studded suede bag: Chrysalis

Hooorah! I'm baaaaaaaaaack! First, my apologize to all of you because I took ages to post something new again. Every situation that I've been through for the past couple weeks was pretty rough and freaking me out. School, job, health condition, computer's mood, and other personal problems. I was just waiting to find a right time to blog regularly again. And here you go! Yappy! I try my best to post at least once per two days =D


Oh maaan. I love this skirt so much! I received it few weeks ago but I just had chance to wear it. It looks even prettier in real life. What do you think of navy and black? I think they were born to be worn together. And suits my post title too, ey? Hahah ;D


I love everything about the skirt's details. The tulle, the lace, the material, the length, it's just beautiful. I felt that I didn't really want to wear any accessories but it looked plain so I wore the scarf as a bow belt. Oh, and I love the color of the bag too. It's like pale purple and the studded detail is interesting. Got this for free when I joined Centro Shopping Rally two weeks ago. I'm still collecting photos for the report. Stay tuned =D

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Last, Camera Obscura for you.. Beautiful song, beautiful video..

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the drum rolls.

The giveaway contest is officially closed! Thank you so much for your entries, the inputs and suggestions mean a lot to me. Huge apologize to all of you because it took so long for me to announce the winners. Local clothing festival on last weekend and this-week exams are killing me softly. I try to manage my time and my mind to write this post. But first, let me dwell on some points about the suggestions that you've all given to me. Gotta be a long post, though. Hehe.

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First, a lot of comments (yes, a lot!) said I should wear more colors. Well, I'm more like muted or monochrome girl but it doesn't mean I don't wear colors. If you follow my blog at least since the end of last year, I do play with some colors and patterns. Even, few months since I started this blog, I wear a lot of no-black. Simply browse through GET BACK (read: archives) and you'll find me wearing colors that you probably wouldn't think of. But lately I've run out of colorful outfits to wear ('ve told ya, more than half of my closet is black...), that's why till I find something not-black to wear, I'll stick with eerrrr... black. Hahaha. But I know it's time to move on and I love to play with more colorful outfits. Thank you so much.

Second, still about my outfit. This suggestion mostly comes from Indonesian readers. They would like to see me wearing batik. I've posted once an outfit wearing batik dress for Batik Day. And that's the only batik dress I like so far because it's quite different than others. I'd love to wear it again if I find another great one =D

Third, about my plain white layout. Some of you said it's boring while the others said it's uncluttered and they love it. I do honestly like the layout neat and clean. I want my photos to be prominent things on this blog. I've ever made some changes with my layout but I find plain white is the best for me. Oh, and I won't change the header. I'm so proud of the illustration that Erin has made me so I'll stick with it. But thank you for the inputs!

Fourth, about amount of my photos per outfit post. I know I sound like a ridiculous narcissistic, but I love to share a lot of pictures because I couldn't pick few ones. Hehehe. Sorry. But this is a super great suggestion and I'll reduce the amount of photos. I'm still learning a lot about photography and my work-mate (who took almost all my photos) is not a professional photographer. He just follows my instruction and I do have lack knowledge about photography myself so the photos always look the same (full body and above waist close-up only), and even the poses. Hahaha. How embarrassing. But other bloggers give me so much inspirations and I'll try to take pictures with more details or different angles. It's hard to change the background, though. I take pictures mostly at work and I don't have much spare time to walk around the city and do a photo shoot. But if I have my spare time (or jobless, which is the last thing I want in this world...), I'd love to show you how beautiful my city is =]

Fifth, some of you asked me to post more about personal side of my life like my house, my family, friends, boyfriend (FYI, I don't have any boyfriend and I'm not interested to have one. Haha), etc. Again, very huge apologize but I don't feel comfortable about sharing my personal things over the internet, even my full name. Privacy is the most expensive thing to me and you know how cruel cyber world could be. I'd be happy to share about my interests, my job, fashion or blog related, mostly everything but personal stuffs. I just need to draw a line between my private life, my social life, and my cyber-social life. I hope you understand =]

Finale, my favorite suggestion would be posting some inspirations. This is a really good input and well, everybody loves pretty pictures so I'll put some when I have no outfits to get posted. And it could be cover my lack ability to post regularly and more often than I've done before. It also applies to reviews/featured bloggers/FAQ post/style tips/DIYs. I try my best to work on it. Bunch of thanks!

Now, it's time to announce the winners.
From 115 comments, I only counted 95 comments as official entries. And the winners are... *drumrolls*

The best comment from international reader goes to:
Robin from USA
Hope you'll like the Ethnic Geek!

The best comment from Indonesian reader goes to:
Talisha from Ribbonyboo
You'll look super cute in Pretty Polka!

And the lucky reader is:
Charlene from Candy Kawaii Lover
The super pretty Wild Rose is yours now!

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wave of mutilation.


  • houndstooth-collared jacket: thrift store
  • purple abstract dress (customized by me): Topshop
  • purple beanie: Forever 21
  • brown suede leather gloves: vintage
  • brown leather belt: vintage
  • slouchy tan boots: vintage
  • purple drawstring bag: vintage

Hey guys, sorry for a-bit-late post. This is actually my outfit on Monday and I was planning to post it on that day but unfortunately, I've been sick for these few days. Yesterday was hell and I couldn't even jump out of my bed. I had to crawl to my chair and write everything I could to post this but please excuse my lack ability of putting every word properly because this migraine shit feels like someone is squeezing my half-head with Sun Wukong's headband and causing unbearable pain AND making me extremely limp. Once more, I haven't chewed anything nicotine-related for more than 24 hours. Whoaaa.. Dudeeee.. This is it! History in the making! *I'm dramatizing, puh-lease*


The dress was originally longsleeves and below-knee. I customized it, cut the hem off and removed half of both sleeves so everything looks shorter =]


Have you seen this jacket zoomed-in? Yes, tiny houndstooth lining. I love it. Oh, and meet my new gloves. It was cold because before-and-after raining when I took these shots so I put on my gloves. Thanks for the great occasion, dear Lord.


Love this walking pic, even it's blurry. Ugh. Not fair.
The giveaway will be closed in three days so if you haven't joined, click HERE , please =D

ps. I'm thinking about dying my hair brunette/brown. I've wanted to do this for months but I'm not really sure yet that it would look flattering on me. What do you think?

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