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on me: polkadot babydoll dress: local boutique dark brown tights : local boutique simple tan ankle boot s : bought in Ban...

on me:
  • polkadot babydoll dress: local boutique
  • dark brown tights: local boutique
  • simple tan ankle boots: bought in Bandung

That was a cloudy day and I really enjoyed those few hours I spent with my fellow Aquarian blogger, Miy of The Picnic Girl. She was the owner of Cups, the cozy little cafe that I loved to be when I goofed around and enjoyed the nice quietude. Now, we found another favorite place called Peacock, a place to sip a cup of chocolate or even green tea while talking about everything in life. Girls always be girls.

I was amazed by the effort that Miy took to polish up this little gathering! She brought her own home-made treats to beautify the minimalist coffee table and not to mention, they tasted delicious. Look at those brownies and strawberries and cornflake-balls... And how she arranged them to be a tower of sweet treats from heaven!

I have to admit that I don't write as impressive as Miy. She always know how to nail little stories through the pictures. It's like telling fairy tales to the children before they're going to bed! So, check out her delightful post about this little meet-up, too! Ahhhh... I just can't wait for the other time we'll spend together again as picnic pals...

[pics courtesy of Miy's photographer-boyfriend, Dito Yuwono]

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  1. Yeayy!! Can't wait too have a real picnic with you.. very soon.. ok? It's always so nice meeting you.

    The Picnic Girl

  2. really beautiful photos!

  3. awesome pics! you both look really great:D

  4. aku sedih. aku harusnya melu. hiksssssssss. :'( .

    semoga bisa secepatnya menyusul. *janjipalsu lagi. ahaha. swearr cyun.. i'll find my way to meet you ladies.

  5. Nice photos! I loveeeeee it!! You both look pretty <3


  6. i'm curious with Miy cafe, hope someday i can come to Yogya and meet you at Miy cafe,


  7. Gorgeous outfit :) You both look pretty!
    Omy those are lovely snacks! I hope I can try going there sometime!

  8. Love ur polka dress :)

  9. Hello! Just found your gorgeous blog via The Picnic Girl, and SO happy that I did it's just delightful & your outfits are beautiful. Consider me a happy new reader, yay! xx veronika

  10. such a cool photo set... I love the tottering tower of tasties!

    it looks like it was fun. :)

  11. Love your dresses and the yummy stuff!

  12. km disini keliatan genduttt tikaaaa...apa emg gitu yah ;)

  13. u look so pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty! dig ur comment title, last fm, ur profile description, etc...


P.S. I Love You.