pale sun.

pale pink sailor shirt: Daisy Days heart-printed brown skirt : Pull & Bear dark brown long knit cardigan: D'loops   maro...

  • pale pink sailor shirt: Daisy Days
  • heart-printed brown skirt: Pull & Bear
  • dark brown long knit cardigan: D'loops 
  • maroon riding hat: local store
  • brown ankle socks: Sox Gallery
  • dark brown peep toe lace-up booties: Shoezisme

I've forced myself to update my blog store but all I got in my room is pile of clothes and the hanging camera. Poor. The lazy part is always taking pictures of all those stuffs. I really wish I had photographer husband. *cough*

I actually had no idea what I wanted to wear with the hat. I didn't want to look 'too much' but I always try to avoid 'too simple and boring' outfit, too. I think pale pink and maroon is not a bad combination, though.

Scored this skirt several months ago but I just had chance to wear it. Love the heart prints soooo much! Oh, and the socks are great pairs for the boots so my ugly toes didn't peek out. Ha ha =D

♥ me on TeenVogue Fashion Click

Anyway, check out my little feature on Candy Magazine Philippines (April Issue) =]

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28 twist and shout

  1. oooh this is such a fun skirt --- the ruching and the polka dots are adorable! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  2. Maroon, soft pink and brown is a gorgeous combination! So creamy and rich and just plain beautiful :) Love the detail on your hat, blouse collar and the sweet polka dot skirt.

    Congrats on your feature!

  3. Congratulations :) Love your outfit so much, those shoes are just gorge !! xx

  4. congrats for the featured and cute skirt ;)

  5. Congrats for the feature and that was a very cuteeee skirt <3

    Laces on My Dress

  6. i like ur polkadot mini skirt, super sweet and cute :)

  7. hey.. where's daisy dayz from ? is it an online store ?
    im ssooooo in love with that blousseee !

  8. beautiful outfit! I love so much your cute hat!

  9. topimu lucuuu.. atasanmu lucuuu.. sukak!!

    The Picnic Girl

  10. Lovely skirt :) and nice blog ;**

  11. perfect combination, lovely look


  12. cutee skirt and hat! congrats for your feature ;)

    a little princess

  13. Love the outfit! Cute skirt <3


  14. Great find! Gorgeous pictures <3


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    I saved in my inspiration folder! Wonderful! Beautiful photos!

  16. lovely skirt! and the hat!!! adorable!

    and congrats!


  17. love your skirt!waiting for your next post.
    congrats btw

  18. love your skirt and shoes! never get bored for check your blog, dear! waiting your next post :)

  19. congrats marla! lovely skirt btw

  20. absolutely beautiful! i looove your style and your blog! :)

  21. B E A U T I F U L GIRL!! Pretty outfits :)
    invite to my blog and will be nic if you follow me:)

    kisses ;*

  22. very cute outfit, Marla! love your hat :)


  23. I love your Hat.. Love your Hat..Love your Hat..


  24. congratulation dear! :D lovely outfit. want those booties! <3
    PS:join my give away. a cute summer dress.

  25. ah-mazing sense of style! you are gorgeous! I haven't been on your blog in a while, but I am now following! ;)

    natasha, x.

  26. hi! :) im a newbie blogger from the Philippines. I saw your feature in Candy Mag and checked your blog/site. Nice style you have. :) especially this one.. :) hmm anyways, keep it up! following you already. :)

  27. lovely! could ur blog header B more bad@$$? i think not. LUV it!


P.S. I Love You.