distance equals rate times time.


  • nude patterned long shirt: local boutique
  • bowy scalloped top: Just Wanderlust
  • nude lace shorts: Zara 
  • straw hat with gold band: gift
  • nude knee-length socks: Sox Gallery
  • tan knee-length boots: vintage
  • brown leather belted bag: vintage

I'm back! It feels like I've left my blog forever but yeah... I'm back on track! A lot of awful and wonderful things that I've been through over the past three months woke me up and brought on the fact that I'm no longer living in wonderland. Life is rollercoaster, baby.
It feels so good to take care of my personal things and rebuild the wreckage because of the not-so-pretty young things I've done back then. I know I've learned a lot to be a more responsible woman. Even though ditching cyber world for a moment wasn't an option for me, I knew that I needed some time to put aside everything but reality on my plate and wolf down the dish.

I'm still craving nudes for spring. Groundbreaking, no?

This delicate lace shorts significantly become my fave things at the moment. And a perfect straw hat definitely completes my day. Yeay.

Chic a peek on Chictopia

ps. Every sweet comment, email, and mention on twitter is truly meaningful to me. I can't be who I am right now without you, my readers. So, thank you. Thank you so much for every little attention you gave me during my hiatus moment. Love ya xx

pss. I need to get rid some of my clothes and I think I'm gonna start a blog shop. What do you think? Do tell me! :D

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