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Finally got a chance to report #girlsroom event with my dear Claradevi and Mimit! Like I've said in this post, I decided to arrange just-for-fun #girlsroom featuring our Dare To Be products, make-up kit, and curling iron! Pictures below tells 'before' stories...

pics courtesy of Claradevi

These are the Dare To Be products we used with additional mini make-up palette. I've tweeted step by step how I used the products and - bang! - applied my smokey eyes! 

pic courtesy of Claradevi

Fierce, no?

This Fun-Friday thingy was totally a blast! Bunch of thanks to pretty girls Anglaina and Muthia, owners of A+ Boutique, where we messed around with our #girlsroom event!

Pssttt.. Have you checked the latest webisode of Dare To Be? Peek it out below! :D

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hip pop.

W Magazine's "Design Issue" offers up a spread that is quite riveting. Britt Maren stars in a delightfully-dizzy colorful portfolio photographed by Solve Sundsbo and styled by the famed Lori Goldstein, the kaleidoscopic bold array of colors and patterns captured among some of the hottest pre-fall pieces that blow our tiny minds are just plain SICK!

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i dare you to be one.

Every Monday is just like Sunday. Browsed through Youtube and found these webisode. This is a story about life, love, and dreams of four gorgeous girls (Claudia is my fave! Period!). Ohh, I just love these European series! Too bad it's only two webisodes available at the moment. Can't wait for the next one! :D

For keeping up with the latest webisode, testimonials, and make-up tips, subscribe their Youtube

Now, see what I've got from Oriflame Cosmetics! These are the products from their new line for teenagers called Dare To Be! Could you say fantabulous?

The Babes Sweet Peach Eau de Toilette 
Pure Skin Face Wash
Pure Skin Face Toner 
Pure Skin Shine Control 
Pure Skin Hide & Treat 
Very Me Mascara In Green 
Very Me Eyeliner In Blue 
Very Me Click It Connector

Lovelovelove the The Babes Sweet Peach Eau de Toilette with peach, sweet orange, sandalwood, and musk scent. It gives a soft touch to my total look. How enchanted! Pure Skin skin care also suits my oily face as well. And what's cooler than green mascara and blue eyeliner connected in one stick with Very Me Click It Connector? Dare to try ones? ;]

Last but not least, I want to share about last Saturday #girlsroom make-up challenge in Jakarta. Such a cool event for make-up lovers!

WOW-ed at these beauty babes after-make-up look! It inspired me to do such thing myself! I guess #girlsroom event in Jogjakarta sounds fun, don't you think? Will arrange this a.s.a.p with fellow friends Claradevi and Mimit. Just follow my twitter for further updates ;D

Need to know more about this new Dare To Be line from Oriflame cosmetics? Do check out their facebook, follow their twitter @dare2be_ID, and browse through their web. Find out for yourself, girlies! xx

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andromeda and the milky way.

  • grey chunky cable-knit cardigan: Zara
  • black and pink maxi dress: Friday to Sunday
  • silver lacy lace-up shoes: Amanda Janes
  • tiny leather backpack: vintage

I'm a huge fan of astronomy and visiting Bosscha in private way is one of the most amazing experiences in my life, to be honest. It's a shame that I've wasted twenty-two years of my life and I never had a chance to explore one of the most amazing places in my country (according to the geeks like meh, for sure)! How did it happen? Well, one of my relatives happened to work there and when I visited Bandung, he offered me a chance to observe Bosscha on my own for about an hour in the sunny afternoon. Whoa! I'm so excited to know nobody else was there. Too bad the dome couldn't be opened and I couldn't look through the super giant telescope. Ha. Even so, touching the telescope for the first time and exploring everything in the dome gave me shivers already.
What annoys me so much is no decent pictures inside the dome to be showed here because of the blurs and poor lights =[ Dude, I seriously need to hire a photographer to follow me everywhere or give my man some courses to take decent photos. But at least these ones are not bad at all, don't you think?

This is like... my all-time favorite sweater. Oversized, chunky, super-warm, LEATHER ELBOW-PATCHES (I DIEEE!), and in neutral color. Oh, and I'm glad I finally had chance to show you the little friend of my giant faux leather backpack.

The delightful little park on Bosscha area. Look at those flowers!

I'm just waiting for another special access to observe it at night and stargaze through the amazing telescope (even for couple minutes!). Aaaahhhh... I ask too much. But, wish me luck! Hahaha ;P
One more thing, check out my feature on Suara Merdeka.

Thanks a bunch to Clarisa for the opportunity =D

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