bag it up.

Got a package (handmade bag!) from Desi Perwita a while ago but I just had a chance to post it. She's the one who made this lovely graphic illustration. I think it's a bit weird to see your face on a bag but this is truly lovely. Hehe. Thank you so much ♥♥
Check out her deviantart and her blog.

ps. do you like my new layout? :D

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ronde de nuit.

My fave gap-toothed model, Ashley Smith, takes on airy and gothic-romance looks against the dramatic backdrop of mysterious and visually engaging editorial 'Ronde de Nuit' for the #119 issue (December 2010/January 2011) of Numéro, photographed by Ben Hassett and styled by Capucine Safyurtlu. Those statues and gorgeous architectural structures are just... breathtaking.


everything means.

It's kinda late but I haven't posted it here so... Here we go... Got featured on CosmoGirl! August 2011 with these beautiful bloggers: Heidy, Bethanny, Sonia, June, Michelle K, and Michelle H. Thanks to Jessica for the opportunity! :D

[click image to enlarge]

And received this book a while ago and yeayyy... I also got featured in it! :D

It's actually a tiny feature for Animal Print section (taken from this post) along with some gorgeous bloggers. I also spotted fellow Indonesians like Michelle of Glisters and Blisters and June Paski on other pages too :D

[click images to enlarge]

Bunch of thanks to Sabrina for asking me to be featured! What a wonderful opportunity! For you guys, get yourself the book! It's a must-have for fashion bloggers and worth-to-buy! Click here to purchase the book via Amazon :)


coming back to life.

I'm back! You know what?! I was abducted by an alien that caused my super long hiatus on this blog so I couldn't post anything and bore you with my unnecessary words about my boring life...... Naaah, I'm kidding. Hahaha. I made up a stupid reason so you could forgive me for being such a bad bad bad blogger. I think it's my bad habit to be hiatus on summer and come back on fall (I did the same last year. Uh huh.). Well, personal life is the one and only reason why I ditched this blog so long till I felt bad about it and I almost shut this blog down because of the guiltiness I've been through lately. I'm currently in my comfort zone, focusing about how to take care of my little family and getting settled of undone things that being neglected. I rarely spend time in front of my computer like I used to do a while back. Maybe it's a bit hard to keep my consistency to blog regularly right now but I will try my best. Done with the junk and gonna post up something tomorrow. Probably will update my blog store, too. Hooray! :D

ps: THANK YOU for your mentions, emails, and comments that remind me how lucky I am to have such lovely readers like you, remind me that you still read my blog. THANK YOU xxx

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