the state of floral beings.

  • floral oversized blazer: vintage
  • nude lacey ruffle top: H&M Divided
  • Mandy floral skirt: c/o Dream Shop
  • brown braided belt (comes with a dress): c/o Dream Shop 
  • bow boater hat: random shop
  • Flowery Ivy wedgesc/o Shoezisme
  • duo-tone granny bag: Screamous

Finally back! My internet connection was fucked up for couple weeks and it was the phone line who screwed everything so it took ages to get normal again. Gosh. Anyway, this is super-delayed post. I was about to post it couple weeks ago. My new sponsor, Dream Shop, sent me this superb skirt along with other goodies. I was amazed to see how beautiful the pattern is. Such a cutie, eh? It's kind of vintage inspired and they're all handmade (and well-tailored!).

This blazer is hidden deep in my closet and when I found it again, 'floral-craze' suddenly popped in my mind. I think it goes well with the skirt, no? Oh, and I'm glad to see everyone give props to headwear nowadays (beautiful hats are everywhere...) and they're far away from underrated. So is boater hat. Always see this cutie on tons fashion blogs (esp on summer-time!) and since I'm a hat-junkie, I decided to give the hat a second act (first act can be found here) :)

How is everyone's day in life? Thanks for keep reading and following my blog. I highly appreciate it. LOVE xx

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