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Vintage soft purple long-sleeves dress : c/o Odd & Dot brown belt : random shop brown floppy hat : Pull and Bear soft pink...

  • Vintage soft purple long-sleeves dress: c/o Odd & Dot
  • brown belt: random shop
  • brown floppy hat: Pull and Bear
  • soft pink candy socks: Sox Gallery
  • simple tan ankle boots: bought in Bandung
  • two-tone faux leather bag: Flashy

Here we go again. Back from the ashes. So many things to do, so little time... February was really nice and it's my favorite month of the year. Some of the most meaningful scenes and memories in my life happened on this month. I wish February comes twice in a year. Hahahaha. Yeah, recently turned 23 makes me feel so old (duh!) and it leads to a thoughtful things that I've achieved in my whole life. Not much, but I'm blessed to be who I am now. I have a lot of dreams and I believe in them and it will be never too late to makes them come true, whatsoever :)

Received this vintage dress in a super cute package and nice thank-you-card from Odd & Dot! I absolutely adore this beautiful dress! It's slightly bigger than I expected but I managed to wear it with belt so it doesn't look that slouchy.
Also had this brown hat for few years but this is its first time blog featured. Yayness. Such a long wait, hat... Oh, and the socks (which looks so white) are actually soft pink (matched the floral print on the dress). Thoughts? :)

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10 twist and shout

  1. lovely outfit!!!! dress is amazing!!!

  2. i like the dress! Welcome back dear. and happy b-lated birthday hopefully 23 is treating you well.


  3. Super vintage! And i love the hat!



  4. Thank you Marla Singer for styling up our dress. The hat and your braided hair are irrisistable!!
    <3 odd & dot

  5. Your dress is gorgeous, it looks so vintage <3

  6. gorgeous! lovely dress baby <3

  7. The dress is fantastic! I love it.


P.S. I Love You.