houndstooth-collared jacket : thrift store Milo cardigan in light brown : c/o Dream Shop choco tank top : somewhere in my close...

  • houndstooth-collared jacket: thrift store
  • Milo cardigan in light brown: c/o Dream Shop
  • choco tank top: somewhere in my closet
  • jade green summer dress: Topshop
  • pine green sling-back wedges: Friday to Sunday
  • duo-tone granny bag: Screamous

My outfit for grocery store doesn't usually look 'this' fancy but I felt like I wanted to dress up and played with some layering (a bit cold rainy day) so there goes my outfit... I don't usually like green color (especially the one that looks like... gross moss?) but I love jade green. One of the most gorgeous colors I've ever discovered in my whole life and I ain't joking :D
Also got this short sleeve cardigan from Dream Shop and it goes well with this outfit, don't you think? :)


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