the harsh truth of the camera eye.

vintage color matching long-sleeved chiffon shirt blue : c/o SheInside black tapered pants : c/o Love & Bravery black beret...

My camera is finally broken! Eeeek. I'm still waiting for the old Olympus to be fixed and got this lovely Canon 60D for photographing my outfit. Gosh. I love this camera but I can't afford it so it kinda hurts anyway...

 Loving this blouse from SheInside for the duo-tone color, the fit, and the slightly mullet back (any clothes that covering my bumbum are good). And that collar? Sigh... You got my love, shirt.

Have a goody goody day! xx

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3 twist and shout

  1. awesome outfit.
    I love how the blouse's color really stand out with the other black. :D

    Come and hail to my cruise~

  2. Loving this blouse too! you have a really nice hair <3 so so envy
    Mind to visit my blog??


P.S. I Love You.