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Due to my new home-duty, I rarely have time to take care of myself now. What I mean of ‘take care’ here is dressing up (but always t...

Due to my new home-duty, I rarely have time to take care of myself now. What I mean of ‘take care’ here is dressing up (but always try to), skin and body care, or even putting some make-up on. That also includes my hair care. Well, it seems that every hair problem loves my hair. You know, I think my hair is attractive in a weird way or something. So please let me lead you to my tons of hair problem: I have this wavy, greasy, and tangled hair. The density of my hair is very thin with dry and notorious split-ends. My scalp is also oily and get limp easily. Duh. Hair problem sucks, no? But what makes me stressed the most is the HAIR due to breakage!

Every single time I wash my hair with any shampoo, it’s depressing to see clumps of hair falling out of my head. Sometimes it gets tangled and when I try to separate it strand by strand, it makes the hair fall even worse! It’s seriously depressing because I’m afraid of going bald in my twenties! NOOOOOO…!!

I know my hair is damaged and it’s the consequence for what I’ve done to my hair a while ago. I've tried everything without proper hair care and treatment that my hair really needed. But I think my stress level (duh… life!!) gets the main role for this HAIR FALL problem now other than just ‘hormonal problem’.

Now I need to get rid of this hair fall problem! It’s desperately important to find a solution for my falling hair as early as possible, yes? So I keep searching on some products but I don’t really feel satisfied with the results but this one shampoo… Yay to Pantene Total Damage Care! Pantene Total Damage Care fights 7 problems of damage hair: split-ends, dry, rough, dull, weak, brittle, and tangles. Have you heard about the new Pro-V formula that channels into hair shafts and helps to improve and protect every strand of hair? How brilliant is the newly upgraded shampoo? FYI, hair tips lost protein three times more than the hair base which then causing split-ends (now I know that my hair is lack of protein!). And Pantene Total Damage Care offers three times more protein* to strengthen and protect my damaged hair with a mild formula and high moisture to reduce the fall of protein. Even better, it helps prevent split-ends afterward!
*more silk protein vs varian Silky Smooth Care

The shampoo lathers very well and it cleans hair thoroughly. My hair feels smooth and looks shiny, remains quite tangle-free (no more frizzy hair!), split-ends also seem to have reduced, and more importantly, less amount of hair fall! It feels safe to know that every strand of my hair gets a protective layer and nutrition to keep it healthy. More kudos for great scent and affordable price!

Say goodbye to hair fall and friends, no? :D

So, what’s your hair problem that you want to say goodbye to? Do you have hair fall problem like me or maybe other hair problem? Please share with me! We probably could find the solution together with Pantene, don’t you think? :)

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  1. hair problem? uhmm yeah dandruff and hairfall are my biggest probs. keep changing my shampoo, but still couldn't satisfied me.

  2. pantene's total damage care line has totally saved my hair while i'm growing it out for the wedding…<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. soo pretty <3
    i'll tty pantene,thanks for the info


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