post acid.

grey acid-wash blazer : Miss Selfridge black pockety sleeveless top : Oneandahalf grey acid-wash leggings : Primark black cordur...

  • grey acid-wash blazer: Miss Selfridge
  • black pockety sleeveless top: Oneandahalf
  • grey acid-wash leggings: Primark
  • black corduroy tie (worn as ribbon necklace): random
  • black beret hat: Ebay
  • lace peep-toe wedges: Miint
  • huge studded sling-bag: D'loops

Acid-craze. Got some nostalgic feelings when I'm wearing my old things with my old trick (a tie worn as ribbon necklace? that's so my 2009! haha..).

 Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend xx

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10 twist and shout

  1. I love your hat! so cuuuuute<3

  2. i wish you could see MOZ with me and had fun with others, darling!! don't you miss our good old days watching concert together? :( . Later we have to arrange a concert rendesvouz with you cowboy boy, my lovely one! <3 Love your beret, beb. <3

  3. and the black never die....

  4. You look beautiful in a TOTAL BLACK, with your black hair!! just great!!


  5. cool photographs ^.~
    where do you live anyway? :D

    visit me:

  6. amazing photos! u look gorgeous! :D
    check out my blog too if ud like: bread and butter

    xoxo, Eliza

  7. Really cool pants, wow!! Kisses

  8. Lovely blog and nice outfit :)


P.S. I Love You.