peaches en regalia.

What A Peach Top : c/o Sugarlips brown biker skinny jeans : Topshop mustard beaded bag (worn as clutch) : vintage dark brow...

  • What A Peach Top: c/o Sugarlips
  • brown biker skinny jeans: Topshop
  • mustard beaded bag (worn as clutch): vintage
  • dark brown belted cork wedges: Primark

Today is my lazy-ass day. Strolled around my bed while watched The Hangover and daydreamed a little bit.

Anyway, I was wearing jeans! Yes. Jeans. Never in my blog life, I have worn jeans... I guess? I'm just not this 'jeans-person' but I bought some jeans that I haven't worn and I just wanna give these babies a try. Got this lovely top from Sugarlips and I love it so much. Perfection comes in silky feeling, natural color, relaxed fitting, and of course the classic yet quirky buttoned-down (which I'm crazy for nowadays)! This delightful shirt just made my day :)

Have a wonderful week, y'all! xx

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10 twist and shout

  1. love the top and your cute vintage purse!


  2. Bravo!! Tres jolie ta tenue! J'aime beaucoup ton petit sac!!!

    Angela Donava

  3. love your style sweety:)) you look so amazing!

  4. yeah being in vegas always sounds anything but interesting! love your outfit! x

  5. Seriously interesting! love your wedges.

  6. beautiful outfit!


  7. super chic and simple. like always, my dear. the jeans looks perfectly fit on you beb. <3

  8. really love your shoes kak! :)

  9. you look so cute - love your style! :)

  10. lovely outfit!! <3


P.S. I Love You.