As an avid online shopper, I love to browse online shops through internet and bookmark them here and there (I always forget addresses...)...

As an avid online shopper, I love to browse online shops through internet and bookmark them here and there (I always forget addresses...). So cluttered, I know. I definitely need a solution for my online shopping service and that's the moment when I find an innovative site like Dskon.com! Dskon.com is first known to collect various attractive offers from all daily deals or group buying websites in Indonesia. This time, Dskon.com is also known as the first online shopping portal in Indonesia which dedicated to bring up the latest information about discount and offers. Sounds good, yeah?

The Shops are divided into several categories, ranging from Fashion, Electronics, Culinary, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Entertainment, Sports, Automotive, Kids & Baby to Travel, and it can be accessed through easy one click!

Wanna know about the ideal shopping journey of Dskon? Browse through their newly concept Blog for latest trends, fashion inspirations, shopping tips, product reviews, and even interviews with some Indonesian fashion bloggers.

Discover various products, labels and exciting services through the Fashion Portal and find a wide selection of online shops from Nikicio to Auburn & Ginger, Nefertiti to Minimal, and even Urban Outfitters and Romwe! You can also read detailed information about the store and exchange information about personal comment and review on your shopping experience in the store with other online shoppers.

To fashionistas, don't hesitate to jump on Tips & Trick category which is actually from the Blog content but only specified in hypest fashion news. It's not as up-to-date as the Blog, though.

So, visit Dskon.com to experience a fun and unique online shopping. Get useful offers of interactive and informative shopping experience. And last but not least... bye bye to cluttered bookmarks! :D

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