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suede polkadot blazer : vintage fuchsia floaty blouse : Body & Soul Mandy floral skirt : c/o Dream Shop sweet heart shaped c...

Happy Eid Mubarak, y'all! Please accept my apology for any mistakes I made or said/wrote bad words that intentionally-or-not offended you. I just got back from a not-quite-short holy-day which is staying for few days at grandma's. My city is obviously crowded with domestic tourists (traffic jam everywhere!) so I guess it's a bad idea to go out until the holiday is over...

The lovely Difa kindly sent this bag to me (with another similar one - coming up on my next post!) and I suddenly fall in love with it! The bag is super affordable but it has good quality, I must say. I personally heart the texture of the leather. It makes the color turns out so unique. Check out this album for more vintage-inspired bags galore :)
The hat I got from Oasap is definitely my fave! The heart-shaped cut out detail is whimsical! Major loveeee ♥ ♥

Wish you all having a great week! xx

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  1. pssst.. that thing would be officially announced on November.. ;) meanwhile, lets keep it to ourselves. hahaha..

    so glad that you're back to blogosphere. and I love love love that heart shape hat cut, cute skirt..and if you get bored with that shoes.. you know where to find me. *I'll be waiting for shop versicle update* :))))

    hugs!! *and hugs for Kafka*



P.S. I Love You.