go outside.

  • Flip Collar Asymmetrical Cape in Choco: c/o Retail Therapy
  • Amanda dress in Green + belt: c/o Dream Shop
  • Versicle necklace: c/o MyNameNecklace.com
  • brown tights: random shop
  • brown fluffy cloche hat: vintage
  • two-tone brogues: Amanda Janes
  • two-tone faux leather bag: Flashy

Happy 2012! Kinda long absence since my last post... Well, my PC crashed again (same shit, different year!) and I've stored these pics since weeks ago in my dead PC till I found out I had the copies on my camera. Yaaay. Blogging life seems so hard for me now. Puh. Anyway, got this beautiful floral dress from Dream Shop (comes with a belt!) and realized that it's a bit too big for me (I asked for the larger size because I KNEW that I have this fat-ass attack) but I love it so much and I've worn it three times since I got it. Tee hee. Also got this cape from super nice Kalista's Retail Therapy. She makes the best outerwear, don't you think?

Oh, see my customized necklace? When MyNameNecklace.com asked me to get my own personalized necklace, I've known that it would be my blog name. Versicle. Yes. This silvery cutie definitely would be a wardrobe staple.

How's your Sunday? Here you go... Lovely tunes for my lovely readers! xx

Cults - Bumper


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