kozmic blues.

Love this slightly sheer blouse by Oasap, how it's perfectly wrinkled (I usually hate wrinkled clothes!), and how it fits my body. Also, I'm not usually into trends but this maxi skirt is definitely worth a try!

Happy Monday, guys! How's your weekend? xx

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  • mint boyfriend blazer: vintage
  • bluish abstract dress: Body & Soul
  • polkadot navy wide-brim hat: vintage
  • jade green sling-back wedges: Friday to Sunday
  • royal blue tote bag: Invictus

Not much to say. I love pairing summer dress with blazer for a smart look. And this hat is a perfect complementary. Period.

Hope you're all having a lovely week! xx

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making time.

  • colorful polkadot dress: vintage
  • double braided belt: gift
  • bow boater hat: random store
  • black sheer heart socks: gift
  • two-tone brogues: Amanda Janes
  • brown bag: vintage

How's your Easter holiday? Pardon the extreme light exposure on my pics, please. I took these around midday and it was very sunny.

I love these dress but I think it's still very 'raw'. It's like waiting for me to transform it. Shorten the length, cut it to separates, or any ideas you want to share, perhaps? Lemme know! :D

ps. Been addicted to this vid lately because the disco (?) crowd is just dope, no?
Makes me love mods even more...

The Creation - Making Time


girl sailor.

  • navy blue sweater: my hubby's :)
  • navy floral tapered pants: Primark
  • polkadot white bow-tie: Centro dept. store
  • Sweet Sailor wedges: c/o Shoezisme
  • bluebell studded suede bag: Chrysalis

Quick snap before late lunch. And I realized that I go grocery shopping A LOT. Like... A LOT. Oh, and I'm half-sleepy when I'm writing this post so maybe my babbling sounds irrelevant.

Borrowed my hubby's sweater and good for me that it goes perfectly with my comfy floral pants. Pinned the bow-tie with safety pins onto the sweater and voila! Simple yet quirky go-to outfit! :)


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