peace sells.

  • denim floral dress: H&M
  • printed beige cardigan: Pull and Bear
  • nautical stripes scarf (worn as headband): H&M
  • purple bow clip: Thyo Pernik
  • Sweet Sailor wedges: Shoezisme
  • purple faux leather bucket slingbag: random

My last shots with my ancient Olympus (so long, my friend...). Still working my ass off to get a new camera. Thinking about getting another body-only Olympus (my two lenses from the kit are still working) or probably Canon (eyeing for the affordable EOS 1100D)? Still haven't decided yet. But I'm devastated that my old friend really need to rest in peace now because apparently it's too complicated to be fixed :'(

 Anyway, I just love everything about this dress. Definitely one of my faves. It's a bit tight on the bust *breastfeeding boobies ahem* and it's too short for my taste *exposing huge thighs and arms* but I love how denim and florals blend together like this. Oh, and also clipped a hair bow on the side of my bag for a touch of cuteness. Tehee.

So, what's your bet on Euro 2012? Mine is for Spain ;)
Enjoy your week, cupcakes! xx

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peaches en regalia.

  • What A Peach Top: c/o Sugarlips
  • brown biker skinny jeans: Topshop
  • mustard beaded bag (worn as clutch): vintage
  • dark brown belted cork wedges: Primark

Today is my lazy-ass day. Strolled around my bed while watched The Hangover and daydreamed a little bit.

Anyway, I was wearing jeans! Yes. Jeans. Never in my blog life, I have worn jeans... I guess? I'm just not this 'jeans-person' but I bought some jeans that I haven't worn and I just wanna give these babies a try. Got this lovely top from Sugarlips and I love it so much. Perfection comes in silky feeling, natural color, relaxed fitting, and of course the classic yet quirky buttoned-down (which I'm crazy for nowadays)! This delightful shirt just made my day :)

Have a wonderful week, y'all! xx

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