lost in the sea.

  • pink polkadot scalloped tank: Topshop
  • navy floral tapered pants: Primark
  • DIY studded denim jacket: vintage
  • taupe oxford shoes: Primark
  • bluebell studded suede bag: Chrysalis

Lately, everything has been rough to me. Life's hard, bro. Huh?

This is the third time I posted these pants on the blog. You'll probably see them more because they're definitely my fave (I think I label 'fave' to mostly everything...) and I don't really feel struggling to mix and match them with other items since they have some beautiful patterns with matching color choices (a plus point!). I'm not really a jeans-person and these kind of pants are perfection to me. The DIY studded jacket (my bleeding hands are the witnesses!) makes a comeback on this blog, too. And I agree to everyone that says everything-scalloped is cuteness. Plus, trusty go-to oxfords for comfy alternatives. Off we go!

Any great plans for weekend? Hope you guys will have a wonderful one! xx

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black crow blues.

  • floral lightweight coat: Primark
  • black polkadot skater dress: Primark
  • polkadot straw boater hat: random store
  • sheer dots tights: Gipsy @ Asos
  • black patent oxford chunky heels: Forever 21
  • black tiny backpack: vintage

Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Although we're not familiar with Thanksgiving here in Indonesia, I love to see all the turkeys and pies everywhere (on the internet, of course) and the warm atmosphere of celebration with your family and friends. So wonderful.

Anyway, I looked like a crazy-dotted-lady. But since the clash-pattern moment is still haunting me so I paired all the dots with this floral lightweight coat to add some girly touch (plus a bit of warmness). The rain drops all the time although I wish it's snowing instead of raining. Haha. If you're a long time reader of my blog, you'll see that I love black so much and I used to wear all-black (or at least a piece of something black in every post) but my style exploration is expanded so now I always try to play with colors, patterns, and textures to make my outfits look far from boring.

So, have you snagged something from Black Friday deals? Do share here! xx

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love burns.

  • heart-printed peterpan blouse: Primark
  • navy pleated skirt: vintage
  • blue mickey scarf: Centro dept. store
  • three-tone strap wedges: Topshop
  • royal blue totebag: Invictus

Everything seems overwhelming now with this and that going on in my head. Got caught by a little cold really doesn't help. Runny nose isn't cute at all.

I just realized I'm so into navy blue and I've decided that it'd be my fave color from now on. You're probably gonna see A LOT of navy later. As my new-in-closet vintage skirt, it has a perfect length and delightful feeling. I just can't wait to style it with other items in my wardrobe. Oh boy, this lazy-and-messy braid is a bit weird for me and I really miss my hat this time...

 (while I'm stuffing myself here with a lot of vitamin C and tissues...)
Enjoy your weekend, guys! xx

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gingerbread boy.

  • black oversized boyfriend blazer: River Island
  • shirt dress in ginger bread man: Asos
  • black wide brim trilby hat: Topshop
  • Gipsy sheer heart tights: Asos
  • black suede oxford heels: vintage
  • black vintage sling bag: Yves Saint Laurent

Thinking about change on my layout. Getting bored with this one already. Hahaha. That's why I've been struggling over the past few days to work on my layout from scratch and everything seems not funny when you have to deal with

This dress reminds me of Christmas (although I don't celebrate) and I can't wait to feel the exciting atmosphere and wonderful decoration everywhere! And I just welcomed one more baby to my hat collection which is this trilby wool hat in perfectly wide brim and my favorite bow accent! :)

 Share me... what's your plan on Thanksgiving? xx

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bitter tears.

  • mustard yellow sweater: Topshop
  • floral loose pants: Zara
  • unisex acetate full frame eyeglasses: c/o Firmoo
  • tan beret hat: Ebay
  • dark brown belted wedges: Primark
  • three-tone satchel bag: Primark

This is something between preppy and casually lazy. Unbelievably comfortable and the matchy-colored bag is just a cherry on top! :D

A sad story behind the pants: I just accidentally ripped them yesterday. End of story.

Have a great day, y'all! xx

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