earth intruders.

tiny houndstooth collared jacket : vintage sunflower pleated front blouse : c/o Noona brown biker skinny jeans : Topshop tan ...

  • tiny houndstooth collared jacket: vintage
  • sunflower pleated front blouse: c/o Noona
  • brown biker skinny jeans: Topshop
  • tan leather belt: Zara
  • dark brown belted wedges: Primark
  • duo-tone granny bag: Screamous

The constant rains cause a massive flood in the capital city. It's horrible and I hope everyone's safe there.

 Anyway, I received this vintage-inspired floral blouse and convinced myself to style it as a working attire since Noona itself provides requisite yet chic office-look and I want to represent it in my way. It doesn't feel very formal, more like casual-Friday or something like creative-field working outfit because I'm wearing jeans! Yeah! I've been blogging for almost four years and I only featured the jeany-outfit twice including this one. I love pants but I feel tapered pants are waaaaay more comfortable than jeans (some of you probably disagree on this one) so jeans are definitely out of my comfort-zone and I feel that jeans probably don't flatter my curvy figure. Okay, enough with the blabbering. Just jump on Noona since they're currently still holding an end-year sale :)

Wishing you guys a warm and wonderful weekend! xx

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6 twist and shout

  1. Love the whole look! I like ur bag :D

  2. Ohh, your legs look so long in those heels! I love the floral blouse with the solid color jacket!

    The Weekend Diary

  3. how cute you are kak :-)
    suka tasnya hihi

  4. what a cute and smart looking work attire! love your pants, and yes i do think tapered pants are comfy!

  5. love the whole outfit! pretty :)

  6. i love your bag! :)Irene Wibowo


P.S. I Love You.