jungle boogie.

black tweed jacket : Uptown Girl tulip-printed peterpan collar top : Topshop candy color cotton skirt in green : c/o Wholesale Ord...

One more resolution: discover more of new music, watch more old movies, and read more books. With my tiring daily routine, one of each a week is all I can ask for...

It's very easy peasy simple look but a bit polished with Chanel-esque tweed jacket and a fancy vintage bag. This top is one of my daily pieces that I wear over and over again and I finally feature it on the blog. The tiered sleeves simply add the joyfulness. As for the skirt, it's shorter than I expected but the jersey fabric makes it quite comfy. And I finally found a perfect pair of go-to loafers! 

ps. If I didn't edit the tone of the photos, I'd look extremely pale. Blame the super bright sun. My slanted-eyes say everything...

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  1. Lovely post my dear!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


    www. rock-and-roses.blogspot.ro

  2. Awww love your skirt dear! The color is soo nice! Hyped also in lookbook Marla! :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  3. I love the print on that top, and your shoes, and your bag, and well everything really I guess.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  4. kakak nggemesin mirip priscilla blink pipi tembemnya hehe

  5. nice classy outfit! like it

    My blog

    Wanna follow each other on GFC,FB,Twitter?

    have a blessed day!

  6. Amazing post!! :)
    Would you like to follow each other? :)



  7. The bag is lovely, and the top brings to mind the annual "Tulip Time" festival in Holland, MI. It's a huge deal, and there are tulip fields as far as the eyes can see. Pretty spectacular, really

  8. love your skirt! :)Irene Wibowo


P.S. I Love You.