winter month novelty.

beige striped cardigan : c/o QQone navy polkadot crop tees : H&M navy pleated skirt : vintage blue mickey scarf : Centro ...

  • beige striped cardigan: c/o QQone
  • navy polkadot crop tees: H&M
  • navy pleated skirt: vintage
  • blue mickey scarf: Centro dept. store
  • three-tone strap wedges: Topshop
  • vinges leather bag: c/o Hompilaa

I really can't wait till next month. February is my most favorite month because all of my best moments happen in February. My wedding anniversary, my wedding reception anniversary (different date), my birthday, and my hubby's birthday come in February package! Boy... Can I be more excited about this??

Anywaaay, another cardigan just jumped on my closet. Yay for that! The knits are very soft and delicate despite my dislike for the buttons. Also, these ahoy-sailor colors (or you can say American-patriotic colors) always captivate me. QQone has amazing collection of knitwear that you might wanna check out to get your warmer winter :)

Wishing y'all a beautiful week! xx

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11 twist and shout

  1. I love your hair-band with cute bow, Your entire outfit is very nicely coordinated. The QQone beige striped cardigan, lovely vintage navy pleated skirt and H&M polkadot tee look lovely together. Wow, February is quite a month for you! Hubby's birthday, your wedding anniversary and Valentine's day all in the same month? One month in advance, I wish you a happy birthday for your hubby, a happy anniversary, and happy Valentine's day!

  2. Oh that's a really cute outfit ! I love the shoes it matches with the colors !


  3. this look is really comfy and looks super vintage. love it!

    Cheers from Jakarta,
    Putri Soe

    SUPERNICE -- win Blackberry Davis in my #giveaway!

  4. love your headband. so cuteee

  5. the cardi matches ur shoess! love it!

  6. Beautiful outfit! I really like the colors you're wearing.

  7. You look great my dear!

    love all about this look


  8. You look gorgeous, wish my hair was as cute as yours! Your February sounds exciting! xx

  9. beauty dimana-mana ^^
    great outfit! hihi xx

  10. i have been loving sweaters, too! you have a great collection! love this one and the one in the next post!

    mobile morsels

  11. Love love loveee aaahhhhh!!! Always pretty!!


P.S. I Love You.