ava adore.

nude double peterpan-collar top : New Look floral lacy skirt : Zara mustard oversized cardigan : vintage tan beret hat : Ebay ...

  • nude double peterpan-collar top: New Look
  • floral lacy skirt: Zara
  • mustard oversized cardigan: vintage
  • tan beret hat: Ebay
  • mustard ankle strap wedges: c/o Milanoo
  • three-tone satchel bag: Primark

A birthday post! Officially being 24 on February 16th feels so-so to me. The dreams and goals that I haven't achieved yet feels harder to reach as I get older. But I'm thankful enough to be what I am today and to have a lovely husband and a wonderful kiddo... and to have you all, as my readers, my followers, my friends... THANK YOU :)

Okay! More preppy look of me! Yayness! I guess I want to be a school girl again (or secretly want to be younger again... I know) just to be able to wear this kind of outfit as a uniform. I'm all about mustard now, which is weird because I used to hate yellow. I still don't really fancy bright-and-shocking or neon yellow but mustard or darker/softer yellow truthfully has a place in my heart right now.


Last day to join my Indressme giveaway and get a chance win $40 coupon! Hurry! And start your lovely week with this one of my faves, guys! ♥

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8 twist and shout

  1. love this top and shoes! great outfit :)

  2. I adore the looks of your Zara floral lacy skirt and New Look double Peter Pan collar top! I like the mustard yellow colour of your oversized vintage cardigan too.
    One day belatedly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  3. the whole outfit is great, but the satchel - OMG just perfect!!!! kisses from Denmark, Asia

  4. happy birthdaaaay my dearest fellow blogger!!!!

    *hugs and kisses*

  5. such a pretty style.. nice bag :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  6. major love this style!!! its mustard and pastel color ^^ so pretty.
    happy 24th kak!

    visit my little cream button♥ | instagram♥


P.S. I Love You.