castle in the clouds.

black cotton trench coat : Zara teal sheer printed shirt : Topshop grey frilly full skirt : Topshop black beret hat : Ebay tea...

  • black cotton trench coat: Zara
  • teal sheer printed shirt: Topshop
  • grey frilly full skirt: Topshop
  • black beret hat: Ebay
  • teal tights: random store
  • black patent oxford chunky heels: Forever 21
  • black tiny backpack: vintage

February is hereeeee! Egg-citeeeeeed! Very ohhh-I've-had-the-time-of-my-life moment. I should watch Dirty Dancing after I post this. It's kind of a perfect time (even the fact that my internet was dead for two days -and this is sorta a delayed post- is not bothering me) since yesterday was my wedding anniversary and I just had a nice quality time with my little family :D

Along with my evolving style, I also get a flashback about what I've been worn on this blog for the past four years and I love to repeat my old tips and tricks as addition to my nowadays outfit. Like these colored tights! I used to wear tights almost everyday and they were not just black. From maroon and navy to purple and yellow, now I feel like I want to collect more colored tights again!

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5 twist and shout

  1. Happy anniversary anyway! So, you are a fashionable wife/mother, arent you? :)

    I love your look! but I don't like the tights :( maybe because I rarely wear colored tights. Hehe, but overall you look great!

    sweet and sugars,

  2. Cool to spend some nice quality time with your family :)

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  3. yay you look so cute kak!!!
    hmm love ur coat btw :)

  4. Perfect outfit! I love the blue and your hat!

  5. lovin' ur blue top.. a sweet stuff :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa


P.S. I Love You.