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charcoal parachute bomber jacket : Zara grey floral skater dress : Topshop grey studded oxford flats : New Look grey polkadot chai...

  • charcoal parachute bomber jacket: Zara
  • grey floral skater dress: Topshop
  • grey studded oxford flats: New Look
  • grey polkadot chained bag: Zara

Happy Valentine's Day! Well, it's such a gloomy outfit for this pink-everything day but at least my outfit has a hint of pink on the floral print, too!

I won't call myself as an athlete as I rarely do sports (or as far as I remember... maybe never?). I even use my poor treadmill as a hanger for my junks. But today I decide to keep it sporty and snazzy (my sporty Valentine's, no?). Waterproof jacket is a must for this kind of weather and a skater (obviously sporty!) dress in a darling floral print is pretty good choice, too. These shoes were also one of my Christmas-purchases as I can't get enough of oxford shoes!

Wishing y'all a lovely Valentine's Day and don't forget to join Indressme giveaway to win $40 coupon! xx

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  1. much love for the outwear kak! and happy valentines day too <3

  2. Cute purse! Happy Valentine's Day!

    x Gi

  3. love your natural smile! heheheh
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P.S. I Love You.