stand inside your love.

  • burgundy-black chunky cardigan: vintage
  • sheer polkadot bow top: New Look
  • burgundy-black houndstooth shorts: Topshop
  • black wide-brim trilby hat: Topshop
  • black leather ankle boots: Topshop
  • vintage black sling bag: Yves Saint Laurent

I hastily did this shoot in a light-raining afternoon. Consider these as lucky shots? Maybe. Bad weather doesn't always lead us to bad mood, though. I love cuddling in a thick warm blanket while watching DVDs and munching my fave home-made spaghetti (my husband cooks it while I sit down nicely in the kitchen...) with a huge mug of hot chocolate that my hubby also brewed for me. God bless a good-cook husband ;D

 My cardigans collection keeps growing and I couldn't be happier. This vintage number is also a new addition and it happens to be in an 'it' color (I don't like the term 'oxblood' so I prefer to call it burgundy). Paired with a new top I scored on my last out-of-town Christmas shopping. I also just found these boots in a very hidden spot of my shoe storage. I totally forgot about these one. Seriously man... I need to organize and list all of my clothes and shoes. Assistant needed, perhaps?

Wishing you a good start for this awesome week, dearests! My Indressme giveaway is still on-going and you could win $40 coupon! :D xx


Anette said...

you look so cutee :)) i love your creative outfits!

Bellamoreway said...

loving the super comfy outwear <3 also craving for your top!

GIAA said...

Love the cardigan!


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving that comfortable looking cardigan! xx


Febriani Farida said...

kakak kok lucu nggemesin banget ><

♥ Lauretha of Myrrh Goldframe ♥ said...

I want that kinda.hubby one..
.like nowwww!
.love the forgotten boots you got here bebb..missed ya..


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