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Tomnrabbit ivory stitches sweater : c/o Jamy black leather trim pants : See U Soon @ Asos black and white bowy brim hat : local sto...

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  • Tomnrabbit ivory stitches sweater: c/o Jamy
  • black leather trim pants: See U Soon @ Asos
  • black and white bowy brim hat: local store
  • Awake wedge ankle boots: Asos
  • vintage black sling bag (worn as clutch): Yves Saint Laurent

Happy Easter and Happy April's Fool! Spring is knocking on the door! Where does the time go anyway?

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 photo IMG_7165_zpse8ae9f8a.jpg
 photo IMG_7102_zpsc3a35a13.jpg
 photo IMG_7182_zps54f1c88d.jpg
 photo IMG_7084_zpsdf955934.jpg
 photo IMG_7187_zps4c0c23eb.jpg

This pair of trousers is unfortunately a bit tight for me (and a bit struggled to sit down! HAHA) which is sad because I got it when it was the last stock at Asos and I love every inch of it. The faux leather trim on the side is to die for! This sweater is the last piece I've received from Jamy. They really do have the best stuffs, eh? It actually got something like separate snood but I didn't feel like wearing it so I put it away. The 'stitches' detail is a winner, anyway :D

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