the everlasting gaze.

geo-printed metallic blazer : vintage jade green pussybow blouse : New Look dual-tone floaty accordion skirt : Topshop teal polkad...

  • geo-printed metallic blazer: vintage
  • jade green pussybow blouse: New Look
  • dual-tone floaty accordion skirt: Topshop
  • teal polkadot scarf (worn as headband): random store
  • sparkly glitter socks: gift
  • black patent oxford chunky heels: Forever 21
  • black tiny fake studded purse: Topshop

What? My hair is getting longer again in just few days? Hmmm... Naaah. It's just a photo series from weeks ago. One of a few last shoots that I took with my long-term blog-photographer aka my dear friend, Guruh. He's single, by the way (he asked me to type this! :P). He was back to his hometown for good and I'm currently being photographer-less. Sad life for a blogger, eh?

Anyway, this blazer is one of my best buys in 2012. It's vintage, super affordable price, and comes with sumptuous geometric print. The turn-off point is just the weird cutting on the sleeve so I might have it fixed by my tailor later. I usually like to dress in monochrome tone or matchy-matchy color with a hint of eclectic. Jade green and teal pieces currently rock my wardrobe hence I will leave more spaces in the closet for their friends to come :)

ps. Have a superb weekend and win coupon code in my Choies giveaway! xx

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17 twist and shout

  1. Too cool that shoes! <3 Im in love! Nice style!

  2. Your hair looks like a mermaid!

  3. Lovely outfit and I love your gorgeous hair<3

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  5. I haven't been to your blog for so long! thanks so much for the comment on my blog about my pregnancy !! I really love your pussybow blouse and oxford shoes here !

    all the best for you and your family as well :)


  6. I like so much your headband



  7. your style really cool.
    I am now a follower of your blog. you will you follow my blog? take a look at my blog

    Thank you so much :)

  8. aaaah i love the blazer <3<3
    would you like to follow each other? let me know, dear :D

  9. the outer is really gorgeous!<3 loving your outfit as always

  10. the outer is really gorgeous!<3 loving your outfit as always

  11. the outer is really gorgeous!<3 loving your outfit as always

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  13. Vintage shopping is just the best feeling ever... u get to get awesome finds (but with extreme effort and lots of sweat :p) and with very cheap prices! And that awesome printed blazer is the answer :"
    Well to be honest, i am actually a photographer-less blogger from the very beginning until now... well i do have this friend called the tripod haha u should try using a tripod while being photographer-less ka! just please don't stop posting ><


P.S. I Love You.