green grass of tunnel.

forest green long sleeves slit dress : c/o MartofChina floral lightweight coa t: Primark black beret hat: Ebay 120 denier black ...

 photo _MG_9851_zpsfb34f76f.jpg

  • forest green long sleeves slit dress: c/o MartofChina
  • floral lightweight coat: Primark
  • black beret hat: Ebay
  • 120 denier black tights: Asos
  • Awake wedge ankle boots: Asos
  • dolly croc flap bag: New Look

 photo _MG_9870_zpsec0fe088.jpg
 photo _MG_9884_zpsb3246c37.jpg
 photo _MG_9849_zps5d66b395.jpg
 photo _MG_9868_zps69ad4fc7.jpg

When I received the dress, it's a bit different from what I pictured in my head and the slit slightly makes me think 'should I wear trousers/jeans?' but I thankfully decided to go with opaque black tights (which is completely not sheer at all) so it wouldn't look a bit hideous for my figure. Paired it with my spring printed trench to give the outfit a twist, plus my everyday bag and my trusty boots. Off we go!

It's nearly weekend again! Hope you're having a wonderful one! xx

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7 twist and shout

  1. very cute outfit kak! outstanding as always

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  2. Combining the floral outerwear and the jade dress, you look like a pretty flower--in a good way.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  3. seem more mature but still "you"! ;pvong this outfit


P.S. I Love You.