hard lines, sunken cheeks.

Let Kuzmuz yellow funky crop top : c/o Mootta peg trousers with waist detail : Asos black wide-brim trilby hat: Topshop buckle ...

 photo _MG_1258_zps1d0325c9.jpg
 photo _MG_1280_zps120e44d2.jpg

 photo _MG_1274_zpse87ca6ae.jpg
 photo _MG_1219_zps34971846.jpg
 photo _MG_1282_zpsb9973dc5.jpg
 photo _MG_1241_zpsfb9cf3ba.jpg
 photo _MG_1273_zps91691700.jpg

 Casual and laid-back outfit. Received these super bad-ass boots from Milanoo. I mean... the heels? Duh. Totally rock my socks! This pair is REALLY my new fave. Also, got this comfy t-shirt from Mootta and love the material. Rarely see me in yellow, eh? Have you checked out their website and my brief introduction about Mootta? (psssttt... the coupon code is still waiting to be used for more 3 weeks!.

Wishing you a cheerful start of the week tomorrow! xx

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4 twist and shout

  1. i love your shoes and hat :) pretty as always dear!


  2. yellow and black are good color combination. Love your shoes :)

  3. Thank you. Like your hat, very cute! Buyincoins


P.S. I Love You.