perfect day.

brown tiny dot suede blazer : vintage lace-collared floral shirt dress : c/o Choies cut out heart floppy hat : Oasis @ Asos ...

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Here we go again! A slightly longer silence mode than I expected but you know.. I happened to be...... busy. Yeah, right.

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 photo _MG_3383e_zps47a41dd4.jpg
 photo _MG_3339e_zps9ea6dae1.jpg
 photo _MG_3436e_zpsbebfff17.jpg

 Choies sent me this lovely dress and I couldn't be happier to get this in my hands. Perfect dress for afternoon stroll or day picnic! I'm all about earth-tones and fall colors so mixing some shades of brown is a piece of cake to me :)

So sad to hear about Lou Reed's passing. The Velvet Underground is one of my major influences. I hope Lou Reed is jamming with Ray Manzarek (who passed away in May this year, too) in some psychedelic trip of an afterlife. This is one of my fave songs for you to hear :)

Oh, check out my feature for Your Next Dress (Best-Dressed Blogger September 2013)! Wishing y'all a pretty much blissful week! xx

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  1. Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

    Am sharing the hobby of my dreams in a new post , BTW it is romantic heavy pics inside !!! Please Tell me what do you think ?


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife


P.S. I Love You.