runway, houses, city, clouds.

cute bomber jacket with cloud print : c/o Choies white lace peterpan chiffon top : c/o Milanoo floral lacey skirt : Zara apricot...

 photo _MG_3520_zps3989541f.jpg

 photo _MG_3524_zpsca202c0f.jpg
 photo _MG_3540_zpsea81385d.jpg
 photo _MG_3519_zpsbb1088a0.jpg
 photo _MG_3556_zps55ab67ae.jpg
 photo _MG_3523_zps7fb83459.jpg
 photo _MG_3550_zps3839631a.jpg
 photo _MG_3521_zps005c08e6.jpg
 photo _MG_3533_zps74eb1fba.jpg

I can't think about any words other than 'cute' when I saw this jacket on Choies website and I knew I had to snag it away and here I am, in the cloud. What's better than drowning in the fluffiness of clouds and splash of pastels? :D

ps. I'll be speaking about fashion blogging this afternoon! If you're in Surabaya, make sure to come to Cats Pajamas Cafe in couple hours! See ya x

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  1. Is the wedges comfy? It looked very cute tho! :)

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  2. love your outfit so much

  3. I'm falling in love with your shoes! You look pretty :)

  4. Haiiiii..u r so cuteee..
    done follow no. 1239
    do follow me back yea..
    keep in touch yea..=)

    dan my 2nd blog

  5. The dress is so cute!! The color is just adorable!!!
    ps: Do you want to follow each other? I always follow back.

  6. Love ur jacket
    would you like to follow each other ?
    I'll follow back after it


P.S. I Love You.