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floral oversized blazer : vintage pale grey embellished sleeveless shirt : River Island mint full skirt in oversized cutwork : As...

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photo _MG_3680_zpsacc6d8ed.jpg

  • floral oversized blazer: vintage
  • pale grey embellished sleeveless shirt: River Island
  • mint full skirt in oversized cutwork: Asos
  • pale grey candy socks: Sox Gallery
  • apricot perforated t-strap wedges: c/o Milanoo
  • color block satchel bag: c/o Milanoo

HAPPY NEW YEARRR!! Am I too late? Man... December was like most unproductive yet very exciting month for me. Procrastination at it best. Sorry for not posting in a while (two months, if it needs to be mentioned...). I was basically too happy to do everything other than going on vacation, watching music concerts, and shopping... like a lot. Well, at least I'm ready to let the day begin in 2014...

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photo _MG_3696_zps233938cc.jpg
photo _MG_3628_zps37c335bd.jpg
photo _MG_3694_zps0e0945d9.jpg
photo _MG_3660_zpsf48855a4.jpg
photo _MG_3681_zpsb7530761.jpg

I'm feeling very preppy and pastel-ish for this late post. All I need is a big-geek glasses and I'm ready to lecture you, guys. Ha. Bought the shirt and skirt long time ago and I finally got a chance to show them here. Milanoo also kind enough to send me this neat-yet-stylish satchel bag. Not too big and not too small and just right amount of sleekness.

These are few photos I snapped on Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert in Mantra Bar Bali last December. Watched them twice in Bandung and Bali but I only got a chance to take pics in Bali because DSLR cameras are not allowed in the Bandung venue. I'm sorry for the blurry pics. My hands were shaking so much because I was too busy singing. Haha. Both concerts were surreal to me and I feel lucky enough to witness these two. While it was cold and rainy in Bandung, the Bali one was the (literally) hottest and sweatiest concert I've ever been in my life. I was standing in front of Robert Levon Been, man! Can you see how CLOSE it was between me and him? Those pictures don't do justice. Hahaha. Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to take pics with them (and my heart breaks into PIECEEESSSSS..) but I heard that they loved being here and will be back soon and next time, I'm gonna HUNT THEM DOWN! :)))

And here's a video (not by me) to show you how crazy BRMC was at Mantra Bar. Can you spot me there? ;)
I actually have tons of delayed posts coming right up so please stay tuned here and motivate me to write more, will ya? :D

ps. Check out my lil' feature in The Budget Fashionista! x

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